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To be eligible for a listing in The Localist, business owners must be able to answer "YES!" to the following questions:

  • Is your business privately held (not publicly traded)?
  • Does 50 percent of your business ownership live in Oregon?
  • Is your business registered in Portland with no corporate headquarters outside Multnomah, Washington or Clark counties?
  • Do you make independent decisions about your business' marketing, purchasing, practices, and distribution?
  • Do you pay all of your expenses without assistance from a corporate headquarters?

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    The Localist: Business Directory and App

    A web/mobile directory of Portland’s finest locally owned businesses
    • Spread the word about your business and increase visibility to the right customers.
    • Connect with prospective customers online and on the go (mobile).
    • Feed major search engines information about your business.
    • Get information about your business in your customer’s hands.
    • Access generous member discounts on promotion and content services.

    Cost: $250 per year

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    Increase your visibility on the Localist

    As a featured client of The Localist, your business will be at the top of results when readers search business categories and subcategories on Neighborhood Notes. And being a featured member eliminates all other advertising on your Localisting meaning readers will only have eyes for you. Feels good, doesn’t it?

    Cost: $10 per month; Enhanced Localisting required

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