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Its own little municipality within the City of Portland, Sellwood-Moreland feels this way not just because its distinctive borders of the Willamette River to the west and McLoughlin Boulevard to the east fortify it, but because it was once incorporated as its own city (and ultimately annexed by the city six years later in 1893). Perched atop a bluff overlooking the Willamette, riverside you’ll find a two-mile section of the walking-jogging-cycling Springwater Corridor trail running the length of Sellwood’s western edge, along which sits both the century-old Oaks Park Amusement Park and Roller Rink, as well as 140 acres of wetlands and woodlands in the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge where more than 185 bird species make their nests or stop off during migration. Just up the hill you’ll find the nondenominational Oaks Pioneer Church, which, since 1851, is the "oldest Oregon church in continuous use" (and that includes river transport from St. Johns to its current locale), and the main drags of Tacoma, Milwaukie, and 13th (which turns the corner and becomes Bybee). Wandering along any of these, you’ll discover a self-contained community with its own retail boutiques, library, pet and garden supply stores, independent movie theater, barber shops, a selection of casual restaurants and cafes, and antique malls aplenty—plus secondhand shops like The Bins (Goodwill's infamous bulk outlet where you pay for your treasure—or trash—by the pound). In the evening, you can even find live music on select nights—if you know where to look—and if not, take a tour of the local social scene by visiting the bevy of welcoming dive bars.

Eat and Drink

  • Either/Or

    8235 SE 13th Ave., Ste. 2
    Portland OR 97202

    “Yes,” say owners Ro Tam and Natasha Miks. The name of their cozy little coffee shop, EITHER/Or, is a reference to the famed Elliott Smith album. However, Tam says, the name is best summed up as a reference to Søren Kierkegaard's "ethical versus aesthetic" conundrum. (The answer is do what you love and love what you have, Tam explains.) What she loves is coffee. And she wants you to love it too. That's why she and Miks, in addition to providing the standard round of espresso-based drinks, offer a pair of coffee flights. One flight consists of two very different espressos, while the other includes an espresso and your choice of either a cappuccino or macchiato. But, each drink in both flights is paired with a shot of fizzy water (to cleanse the palate) as well as an assortment of fruits and nuts (to expand it). The duo also sells housemade sodas and pastries, baked fresh daily by Bakeshop's Kim Boyce. 


  • Tilde

    7919 SE 13th Ave.
    Portland OR 97202

    In the words of owner Debbe Hamada, Tilde "feels like a home more than a shop." Decorated in bright, brilliant, can't-miss colors, Tilde is a modern lifestyle shop where you can find accessories, handbags, jewelry and scarves to augment your personal style, as well as hip mugs, glasses, placemats, and locally produced rotating art to spruce up your home. "Chances are, if you like one thing in here," Hamada says, "you'll probably like just about everything." 

  • Shabby Nest Antiques

    7805 SE 13th Ave.
    Portland OR 97202

    Since 2004, Portland native Raylene Peraza has been collecting and finding homes for antiques and vintage items—via eBay, antique malls and shows, as well as at a now shuttered shop in Milwaukie—but she first scratched that vintage itch as a girl when she accompanied her family to estate sales, flea markets and thrift shops. Her latest venture—a home decor antique shop—puts her squarely along Sellwood's Antique Row. In addition to providing decorative and functional items—from tables, cabinets and chairs linens, to dressers, lamps and suitcases—Peraza and her husband, Jeff Watt, repurpose forgotten items, like windows, and find new uses for them in custom-made furniture pieces. And while nearly everything's pre-1970s, Peraza does stock newer items, like greeting cards and jewelry designed by locals. Plus, Shabby Nest has a parking lot, which is home to outdoor markets during the summer months.

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