PDX home goods: Meet local beverage vessels makers

Made in Portland: Mazama Wares

Made in Portland: Mazama Wares

“Before Crater Lake became a lake, it was Mount Mazama. We believe that is the ultimate vessel and it inspired the name,” explains Casey Keasler, a partner in the company Mazama Wares, which is a collective of seven individuals that craft handmade, ceramic drinking receptacles perfect for consuming your favorite liquids. Whether it’s coffee, juice or tea, sake, beer, wine or something boozy, the more...

Where to Brunch in Portland: The Slide Inn

If you didn’t already know that Eugen Bingham, when he was a kid, lived with his parents at the Long Barn, a now-defunct 1970 Sonoma, Calif., ski resort, you will when you open the doors of The Slide Inn. The room is decked out—all the way out—in 1970s style: There’s a wall of clocks, shag rugs, church pews with their original ‘70s upholstery (burnt sienna upholstery), and a gallery of more...

Now Open in Portland: Portland Mercado

It’s been five years in the making, but the Hacienda CDC just put the finishing touches on what is now, officially, Portland’s first Latino marketplace. The brightly painted, 7,000-square-foot structure is home to 19 businesses, including retailers who sell all kinds of goods and services—from coffee, produce, flowers and assorted Latin American imports, to a handful of food carts making regional more...

Portland's Kid-Friendliest Happy Hours

In a town filled with young adults, finding a happy hour joint that not only welcomes kids, but caters to them, isn’t an easy task. Lucky for you, young parents, there are spots all over this city that will. Some of them were literally built for you and yours (New American), while others simply have the space (and the activities) to accommodate kiddos (we’re looking at you Serratto and Tamale Boy), while more...

Say It with a (Local) Card: Oblation Papers & Press' Hat + Wig + Glove

For 25 years, Ron and Jennifer Rich have practiced the art of making paper, having first cut their teeth on the ins and outs of the craft while attending workshops in Paris. And since 2000, they’ve turned their attention to mastering the technique of letterpressing anything in need of a message, from greeting cards and invitations to business cards. If you’ve ever explored the store’s many corners, more...

National Grilled Cheese Month: Find Your Fave in Portland

The cruelest month isn’t always cruel, especially when you consider that it’s the month that’s officially recognized the most sunshiny of comfort foods: the grilled cheese. If you run a restaurant, you’re quite likely to have one on your menu because, sooner or later, a child is going to darken your door. But, adults love them too so we’ve decided to give you the rundown on who’s more...

Micro-greens, edible flowers and cooking classes

Now Open in Portland: The Side Yard Farm and Kitchen

Now Open in Portland: The Side Yard Farm and Kitchen

Stacey Givens, chef and veteran of many local kitchens, first established The Side Yard Farm in 2009 and began growing lots of vegetables, especially micro-greens and edible flowers, and selling them to local chefs running the kitchens at places like Cocotte, Natural Selection, Ned Ludd and Old Salt Marketplace. Now, she and her team have raised a barn and set up a new and improved urban farm a few blocks away from more...

Where to Happy Hour in Portland: Thai Bloom!

Alphabet District folks who were sad to see the always-bustling Typhoon! shutter a few years ago can now turn their frowns upside down because the band got back together—many of the names and faces who made up Typhoon!’s kitchen are at it again at Thai Bloom! In all, the menu packs a lot of punch with no fewer than 30 food and drink items, including the requisite green papaya salad, some crisp, crunchy more...

Hot dogs, piñatas and a pair of bean-to-bar chocolate makers

17 Locally Owned Businesses Opened in Portland in March 2015

17 Locally Owned Businesses Opened in Portland in March 2015

Portland’s food veterans were operating in full force last month, with a fourth Blue Star Donuts shop from Micah Camden and Katie Poppe, as well as a new ramen spot for Biwa’s Gabe Rosen and Kina Voelz, a new barbecue joint by BJ Smith, and two—count ‘em, two!—new cheese spots by Cheese Bar’s Steve Jones. But, March also brought us brick and mortars from hot dog makers, bean-to-bar more...

Spring Gardening 101 with Portland Nursery

Get ready, gardening season is here. Or rather, it’s just days away. On average, the last frost date falls on or around April 15, Portland Nursery’s Sara Ori says. Once that date passes, she says, it’s a safe bet to start your spring planting. What you decide to plant, of course, depends on what you want your garden to look like and produce. If you’re simply looking for beautification, the more...

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