The menu at Jenny Nickolaus and Chris Whaley’s 50-seat dinner spot leans hard on organic, locally sourced vegetables. But they knew, with the word American written right there in their restaurant’s name, that they were going to need a really good cheeseburger. Lucky for you, they did it—a double burger, in fact. Sandwiched between an An Xuyen Bakery butter roll are two three-ounce patties, lettuce, special sauce, and slices of Muenster and white American cheese (which get an extra-melty finish after a hot minute in the broiler). But, it’s the patties that really make this burger one of our town’s most outstanding—they’re a blend of brisket, sirloin and spare rib that have each been dry aged for 30 days before grinding. It doesn’t come with a side (although salads, fries and foie gras-topped poutine are all available), but it does come with a toothpick that flies a little paper American flag. Could this couple be claiming the burger the way our astronauts once claimed the moon? Possibly. Is it audacious? Absolutely. Hubristic? Not at all. This burger’s just that good.

The American Local, 3003 SE Division St., 503.954.2687

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