Despite its 13 televisions tuned to all kinds of sporting events, Joe Frade, and his business partner Jose Ayhllon, don’t consider their new venture to be a sports bar. “It’s more of a sports-driven restaurant,” Frade says, pointing to the from-scratch and locally sourced dishes cooked up by head chef Judd Anthony, whom the pair imported from the kitchens of San Francisco. From one of the space’s 125 seats, you can sip signature and classic cocktails, like the Wild Fire (a Manhattan with dashes of St. Germain) or the Ruined for Life (serrano pepper-infused tequila with pineapple juice and a spicy rim), while snacking on classic pub fare (burgers, wings, poutine) and some soon-to-be classics, like Anthony’s avocado fries (basically French fries if you swapped the potatoes for avocados) and Kailua pig (pork served with cabbage, rice, macaroni salad and a pork jus). And while there are entrees (like steak and salmon), Frade says many of the dishes are small plates so you can pace your snacking and share with friends over the course of any given game.

The Fields Bar & Grill, 1139 NW 11th Ave., 503.841.6601


A Peek Inside The Fields Bar & Grill