In November, Portland welcomed a baker, a brewer, and a trio of jewelers to its business community. New places to get coffee, tea, tap cocktails, cheeseburgers, and Polish beer also sprung up around town. And if you have friends or relatives coming in for the holidays, you can put them up in a luxury rental property, or invite them to tour the city's newest indoor cycling center, where you can start to shed all your 2012 calories before the holidays.


Imix Jewelery is located in Concordia, in the Alberta Street business district.
Imix Jewelery is located in Concordia, in the Alberta Street business district.


Cully, 42nd Avenue
Wishing you had room in your apartment to pickle all those extra beets you got from your CSA? Wishing you could host a dinner party but can't because your kitchen's too small? Interested in starting your own pastry line but don't have the equipment to test it out? Then look no further, because Dayna McErlean, the woman who brought us DOC and Yakuza, has opened just the space for you—550 square feet of it. At her new commissary kitchen, rental rates vary (by the hour and month), but with its fully equipped kitchen and 12-seat dining table, McErlean says Dash is the ideal space for foodie entrepreneurs in need of a pop-up space to experiment with foods they want to launch at their upcoming food carts and brick and mortars.

Dash, 5124 NE 42nd Ave., 503.939.2949


Hattie's Sweet Shop

Cully, Beaumont
Every neighborhood needs a candy shop, says Tricia Leahy, and her goal is to open a Hattie's in every neighborhood, a tribute to her grandmother Hattie who settled in Oregon in 1914 and whose confections "would put Martha Stewart’s to shame." The only hard part is choosing what sweet to eat because Hattie's carries more than 2,000 lines of candy, including 40 varieties of black licorice, Umpqua Dairy ice cream cones, scoops and sundaes, as many as 100 jars filled with bulk sweets, locally made truffles, and Leahy’s own homemade fudge. And because it wouldn’t be a true candy shop without them, PEZ candies and dispensers.

Hattie's Sweet Shop, 4815 NE Fremont St., 503.816.1380


Imix Jewelry

Concordia, Alberta Street
Jewelry designer, Reiki master and Argentine native Claudio Starzak met his business partner, Kat MacMillen—she's also a yoga instructor—in Central Mexico, where the two practiced their healing arts before moving to Portland. Once settled, Starzak continued designing and making one-of-a-kind and custom-made pieces, which he sold online and at Saturday Market. And now, according to MacMillen, he's brought the business indoors to NE Portland's HiiH Gallery where he creates and displays his line of wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and decorative rings, which he crafts using silver, gold and precious stones. And if your pronunciation of Mayan words is a little rusty, Imix, the Mayan word for dragon, is pronounced "Eee-Meesh." And if you're not already in the loop, remember that HiiH is pronounced "Hi Hi."

Imix Jewelry, 2929 NE Alberta St., 503.758.5889


Starbird Jewelry

Concordia, Alberta Street

Tara "Starbird" Brisbine started making jewelry in her eastern Washington home when she was just 12 years old. But after moving to Portland in 2008, she began honing those skills, developing her Starbird Jewelry line, and selling her creations on Etsy. Now, you no longer need a computer to purchase her work because her line has a found a new home in Concordia's HiiH Gallery. Brisbine says her work incorporates gemstones and precious metals as well as a host of natural objects like shells, silk, leather, and freshwater pearls, all bound, framed and coiled together by a series of intricate wires.

Starbird Jewelry, 2929 NE Alberta St., 503.770.0559


The Tannery Bar

North Tabor
Caleb McBee says Skin and Bones, his now-defunct restaurant, was a brunch and dinner destination, but before long, he realized that he wasn't necessarily catering to his North Tabor neighbors. Instead of fussing with what he had, he shuttered the spot, switched gears, remodeled, and has now reopened with a new name and a new direction. "We wanted a fresh start, offering more craft spirits and cocktails in a cozier environment." In other words, it’s "a neighborhood bar with really good food." Drinks include six signature cocktails like the XO Fashioned (a rum- and molasses-based take on the Old Fashioned) and the egg-flipped A Pear in the Forest (Clear Creek Distillery's pear brandy and Douglas Fir eau de vie). For the eats, McBee has conjured up a far lighter take on the Monte Cristo (it's fried in a pan rather than a deep fryer) and offers "elegant snacks," like duck wings with a cranberry gastrique and Oregon anchovies with pickled shallots and cornichons. The 34-seat spot is also equipped with a pair of turntables, so expect DJs spinning weekly too.

The Tannery Bar, 5425 E Burnside St., 503.236.3610

Shift Vacation Rentals

King, Alberta Street
Are you graduating from university or getting hitched and need a nice place in town to put up your folks or relatives? Michelle Ruber and her husband, Klaas de Jonge, have just the accommodations for you. For years, the couple have been redesigning home kitchens and bathrooms, but now they've luxuriously redone a whole pad—two units, in fact—which they're renting out to travelers and visitors. Ruber says the couple's combined seven-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath space is not only ideal for visiting families attending Stumptown weddings or reunions, it's also a great place for out-of-town software developers and DIY entrepreneurs to set up shop as they launch their businesses.

Shift Vacation Rentals, 1421 NE Alberta St., 503.867.0900



Tabor Bread is located in Mt. Tabor, in the Hawthorne business district.
Tabor Bread is located in Mt. Tabor, in the Hawthorne business district.

Bar Dobre

Richmond, Hawthorne

Stan Pratnicki says he and his wife, Kimberly, wanted to open a bar that serves "exceptional food." To do so, Pratnicki drew from both his Polish and Italian roots, designing a menu that features Polish specialties (pierogies, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage rolls, and house-smoked, hand-stuffed kielbasas) as well as specialty 12-inch pizza pies, including one topped with clams. Standard pub fare (burgers, salads) is also available, and you can wash it down with a pint of Pacific Northwest draught beer, a bottle of Polish porter, or one of 14 specialty cocktails, many of which emphasize vodka from Poland.

Bar Dobre, 3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503.477.5266.


Base Camp Brewing Co.

Buckman, Central Eastside Industrial

Oregon native Justin Fay had planned for a life in medicine, but when the chemistry involved in beer and wine production captured his imagination, he pivoted his studies toward the science of fermentation. He's now putting what he's learned to work at his new microbrewery and tasting room where the focus is on crafting lagers. The brewery's tap room, which holds about 100 people, doesn't provide food—there’s no kitchen—but Fay already has entered into an agreement with at least one food cart vendor to provide eats, and is working to lure more vendors to the brewery's parking lot. As for the name, Fay says he and his friends are active outdoorsmen, and that the tasting room is an ideal place for people to “plan their next adventure." Over a round of beers, of course.

Base Camp Brewing Co., 930 SE Oak St., 503.477.7479


Lucky No. 3 Boutique

Hosford-Abernethy, Division/Clinton
Three has always been the magic number, but for three locals, it's now the lucky number too. Julia Skerry says she and her two friends (and fellow artists), Julie York and Bethany Moore-Garrison, are pursuing art as full-time careers by opening a joint retail storefront that sells their oil paintings, mixed-media collages and jewelry, as well as functional, custom home decor like collaged coasters. Skerry also says the shop is filled with for-sale vintage furniture collected over the years by Moore-Garrison, as well as a smattering of vintage bags, hats, dishes and old books.

Lucky No. 3 Boutique, 2615 SE Clinton St., 971.313.3991


Tabor Bread

Mt. Tabor, Hawthorne
Is there no better way to start your day than with a hot cup of coffee and a slice or two of toast? Sure, but only if the bread's grains were milled on-site and the bread was baked fresh that morning. And that's what you'll get at Tissa Stein’s new bakery where you’ll find plenty of take-home loaves made almost exclusively from Willamette Valley grains and flours, including a couple of heirloom loaf varietals like kamut and spelt. Of course, it's not all toast—the bakery has a menu that features pastries (scones, galettes), housemade granola, and savory bread pudding (that's "crispy on top and luscious in the middle,” according to Stein), as well as salads, soups, and both meaty and meatless sandwiches. And don't expect it to be all coffee either, because Stein says plans are in place to offer beer, wine and a lighter dinner time cafe menu in the near future.

Tabor Bread, 5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 971.279.5530



Firebrand Sports is located in the Pearl District.
Firebrand Sports is located in the Pearl District.

Firebrand Sports

Pearl District
Too rainy to ride? Then spin your wheels inside instead at Portland's latest indoor cycling center. What makes Firebrand unique, says owner Sara Stimac, isn't just its exclusive full-tilt stationary cycles (that actually lean from side to side like a real bike), or even its strength and core-building Pyrolates machines, but rather that these indoor rides will be more like parties on a bike. Plans are in place, Stimac says, to install LED lights, projection equipment, and a DJ booth so cyclists can experience "strategic distractions" during their workouts, making each 50-minute session more high energy and fun. Class schedules are available online.

Firebrand Sports, 500 NW 14th Ave., 503.715.5573


Kiva Tea Bar & Spa

Northwest District
In the mid-1980s, Kiva Lane practiced the art of makeup in Los Angeles, working for studios and commercial clients. After moving to Portland, she opened the Face Body Soul spa, but shuttered it two years later to explore Qatar with her family. Now, she's back and ready to once more apply her day spa skills (facials, full body treatments, and a long menu of massage options) to Portlanders in need. This time, though, she didn't simply want a place where clients would rejuvenate alone with just their therapists; rather, she wanted a space where people could rejuvenate together. That's why she's combined her day spa with a 20-seat tea shop, open for anyone to drop by and snack on cheese plates, soups and salads, or sip on additionally restorative Thai drinking vinegars, tonics and elixirs, and cups of tea from the bar's 32 loose-leaf varieties.

Kiva Tea Bar & Spa, 1533 NW 24th Ave., 971.229.1368


Rae's Lakeview Lounge

Northwest District
There is no lake view at Rae's, but there was one 100 years ago. And although the lake's since been filled in, that's not why you're going: You're going because Rae's breakfast, lunch and dinner menu has filled out, now offering, in the words of owners Rae and Todd Morey, "blue collar continental." Expect omelets, biscuits and gravy, daily frittatas, Reubens, French dips, cheeseburgers, waffle fries, pork tenderloin, vegetarian lasagna, and daily pot pies. Rae's also has a full bar, with eight rotating drafts emphasizing Pacific Northwest craft brews as well as one reserved for pints of Rainier. And in a town of people who skip out of the office early for a happy hour snack, Rae's happy hour menu may be the spot's main attraction with its listing of 20 different menu items (onion rings, cheddar mac) priced between $2 and $5.

Rae's Lakeview Lounge, 1900 NW 27th Ave., 503.719.6494



Portland Penny diner is located in downtown Portland. Photo: John Valls
Portland Penny diner is located in downtown Portland. Photo: John Valls

Dracula's Monkey

For 20 years, Pat Snyder owned and operated a carpet cleaning franchise in Northern California, but he's always been drawn to art. Now, within months of moving to Portland in late 2012, Snyder has opened a brightly colored retail store along the waterfront near RiverPlace Marina where he sells recycled and upcycled bags, reclaimed and restored furniture bearing the imprints of salvaged oil paintings (some of which Snyder himself has executed), and a line of signature soaps, made with pumice ash from both Mt. Hood and Mount St. Helens. As for the name? Snyder says it's a nod to the nickname given to a species of Indonesian monkeys, long thought to be extinct, that were recently "rediscovered" by scientists.

Dracula's Monkey, 1856 SW River Dr., 503.953.2220


Joe's Burgers PSU

For the second time in a year, Joe Rapport has opened a downtown Joe's Burgers location—this time in close proximity to Portland State University. At first glance, it might seem like a modern student union: There's Wi-Fi, docking and charging stations, a lounge where you can relax and unwind, and a trio of flat-screen televisions suited to accommodate the latest gaming systems. But it's the cheeseburgers, dogs, fries, and six draft beers that make this place unmistakably Joe's. Plus, there's even a late-night walk-up window, providing students with the fuel they need for all-night study sessions.

Joe's Burgers PSU, 540 SW College St., 503.432.8022


Portland Penny Diner

In 1845, a penny was flipped to determine who would name Portland: Frances Pettygrove or Asa Lovejoy. Had Lovejoy won, we'd all be living in Boston. Either way, it seems likely that we'd all be eating at the Penny Diner, chef Vitaly Paley's homage to old Portland and the diners of his youth, and also his second downtown restaurant in under a year. This breakfast, lunch and dinner spot features menu items like Reuben croissants, egg scrambles, burgers, hot dogs, and a nod the The King in the Lil' Elvis (a peanut butter and banana sandwich with jam, chocolate and—of course—bacon). The drinks menu, designed by bar manager Brandon Wise, also draws on the past with milkshakes, phosphates and PennyWise housemade sodas, as well as tap cocktails and specialty drinks (like the Portland Egg Cream made with Fernet Branca, chocolate syrup, cream and soda). Wise is also reviving "spoon drinks," which encourage sippers to build their own cocktails using sugar, ice and their choice of spirits and bitters. "I hope to make drinks personal at Penny Diner, as well as engaging and interactive,” Wise says.

Portland Penny Diner, 410 SW Broadway St., 503.228.7222