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Still looking for that secret outdoor spot where you can catch up with a friend (or 10), or simply unwind with a snack and the book that's been sitting neglected on your bedside table for the last three months?

Want to sip on a Champagne cocktail while perusing vintage housewares? Or, what about savoring a hard one while taking in the splendors of a small urban garden or views of the sun setting over one of Portland's iconic bridges? 

If so, we've got the perfect places for you. Read on.

The Hop & Vine

The Hop & Vine is located in Overlook, in the Overlook Village business district.
The Hop & Vine is located in Overlook, in the Overlook Village business district.

When the sun is out, this expansive backyard patio is like a magnet for Overlook's residents and has enough gravitational charm to pull in visitors in search of good food and strong drinks from the city's other neighborhoods.

Forecast: The patio seats about 100, so it's rare that you'll ever have to wait. However, if you do sit outside, keep in mind that you must order your drinks and food at the bar inside.

SPF: There are no porticos to protect patio loungers from the rain, but when it's sunny, there are shady places to sit, chiefly the tables beneath the old cherry tree.

Advisory: Smoking is permitted but is relegated to one section. Pets are not allowed, but children are until 6 p.m. And while the cherry tree out back provides plenty of shade, be warned that you might get plunked by the occasional falling fruit.

Barometer: If you like spicy food, you've probably already bitten into the specialty farm-fresh burger—a Tapatío-infused patty sauced with a cayenne aioli and topped with bacon, a fried egg, and a melted slice of cumin-studded Dutch gouda. Wash it down with one of eight rotating draft craft beers, a wine cocktail, or the Sweet and Savory (rosemary-infused vodka and lemon juice).

The Hop & Vine, 1914 N Killingsworth St., 503.954.3322

Palace of Industry

Palace of Industry is located in Overlook, in the Overlook Village business district.
Palace of Industry is located in Overlook, in the Overlook Village business district.

The entire concept is an experiment because the interior of the space is split in two. One side is a showroom of vintage home furnishings, clothes and other found sundries for sale. The other side is a kitchen and bar, where you can find regulars sipping a glass of wine while thumbing through the pages of an antique magazine and chatting up the help. It might seem strange, but it's welcoming and it works.

Forecast: The patio is essentially a reclaimed driveway where you can find two individual lawn chairs and two picnic tables that comfortably seat four. But, as the Palace is still kind of a secret, you shouldn't really have a problem finding a seat.

SPF: Both picnic tables have umbrellas to shield you from the sun and rain, but if it's simply too hot, you can always grab a stool at the bar inside, because when it's warm, the Palace’s garage door is kept open, bringing the outside summer breezes in.

Advisory: Dogs, children and smoking are all okay.

Barometer: The menu is small and simple but lists yummy bites, like the grilled Deluxe Sandwich (fontina, prosciutto, chutney and arugula), as well as Champagne cocktails, like the Edith (sparkling wine with a housemade lavender syrup and a lemon twist).

Palace of Industry, 5426 N Gay Ave., 503.477.7313

Cathedral Park Kitchen

Cathedral Park Kitchen is located in the Cathedral Park neighborhood.
Cathedral Park Kitchen is located in the Cathedral Park neighborhood.

This second-floor patio looms over a quiet warehouse parking lot at the edge of St. Johns. But, with a view of the St. Johns Bridge as the backdrop, the lot is not the view you're there to take in anyway. Still, even more than the view, you're there for the quality and integrity of the pre-Prohibition-era cocktails that are the Kitchen's bread and butter.

Forecast: A dozen tables seat approximately 35, but because the spot is still a somewhat out-of-the-way destination, finding one of those seats shouldn't prove too difficult.

SPF: Only two of the tables have umbrellas, but you're not sitting on the patio to avoid the sun. Rather, you're there to watch it set over the St. Johns Bridge.

Advisory: The patio is kid-friendly and dog-friendly, as long as the pups are leashed. Smoking is prohibited.

Barometer: The food menu is a mix of old-world and Pacific Northwest cuisines. Nosh on some lamb sliders, try the prawn puttanesca, or order up an omelet during a mellow Sunday brunch. And if you're looking for a good nightcap, you can’t go wrong with the Blood and Sand (Scotch, sweet vermouth, orange juice and Cherry Heering liqueur).

Cathedral Park Kitchen, 6635 N Baltimore Ave., 503.946.8426

The Waypost

The Waypost is located in the Eliot neighborhood.
The Waypost is located in the Eliot neighborhood.

If you're looking for engaging and creative entertainment (literary readings, performance art, movie screenings, DJs spinning, trivia nights), this could be your new home. Even better, the small, cozy patio outside is penned in by a whimsically decorated fence and borders the lush, urban and functional Fargo Forest Garden.

Forecast: There are but three small picnic tables that collectively seat a dozen people, so getting a spot outside is hit or miss. But if you score a table, it's the perfect space to catch up with friends or quietly unwind with a book.

SPF: Each table is equipped with an umbrella to shield you from the drizzle or shade you from the midday sun.

Advisory: Children are okay until 6 p.m. Dogs and smoking are prohibited in the garden patio, but both are allowed at tables on the sidewalk near the front entrance.

Barometer: The food menu changes weekly to keep it fresh, but you'll always find small plates, sandwiches and a trio of housemade pot pies. So relax and order a cup of tea, enjoy a shot of espresso, or get a head start with a brunch time Bloody Maria (housemade Bloody Mary mix married with jalapeño-infused vodka).

The Waypost, 3120 N Williams Ave., 503.367.3182

Bar Bar

Bar Bar is located in Boise, in the Historic Mississippi business district.
Bar Bar is located in Boise, in the Historic Mississippi business district.

This spacious patio is suited to comfortably accommodate large gatherings, and it even has what is referred to as the "secret garden," a small, quiet space tucked away in back, away from all of the bustle of the music venue that the building also houses. But thanks to Mississippi Studios, you can often find bands playing the patio on summer afternoons and evenings when the sun is shining.

Forecast: Rather enormous, the patio easily seats 150 people, so finding seating for that sizeable party of friends should never be a problem. But if for some reason you can't find a seat, you can always stand around one of the two freestanding fireplaces.

SPF: Much of the seating is protected by transparent porticos that keep the rain out while letting the sun shine through.

Advisory: Smoking is permitted and so are friendly, leashed dogs. Even kids are okay until 9 p.m. Also, you must order at the bar, but Bar Bar makes it easy on you by providing a take-out window from which you can get a drink without having to go inside.

Barometer: To put it simply, Bar Bar serves burgers, so ask the bartender what the monthly special is, and precede it with the Bar Bar Superstar (a muddled cucumber Martini made with with either local vodka or gin).

Bar Bar, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., 503.288.3895

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