Northwest Fair Trade Coalition, Portland’s local economic justice and fair trade coalition, plans to create Portland’s first ever Fair Trade Directory. Local businesses and community organizations who sell fair trade products will be listed in the directory so that people will have a local resource to know where to find and purchase authentic fair trade products. Fair trade products are made under safe and healthy working conditions, free from exploitive child labor and in accordance with international fair trade principles.

The group will announce the directory on Saturday, May 12th in honor of World Fair Trade Day, the nation’s largest fair trade event of the year, at the new downtown Portland World Market next to Ankeny Plaza at 11 a.m. The community can enjoy live international music and dance performances all day, free wine tasting, fair trade espresso and purchase handcrafted goods from a few businesses who offer fairly traded products represented at the market. Members of the Northwest Fair Trade Coalition will stand in solidarity with thousands of people in 80 countries worldwide on World Fair Trade Day to highlight the importance of a business and trading model that supports fair wages and healthy working conditions for producers around the globe.

By making more fair trade products visible and available to our community, we will increase consumer awareness and purchase of fair trade products, strengthen our local economy and create solutions to end global poverty.

With this directory, we aim to enhance the visibility of fair trade in our community and enable consumers to connect with local businesses and organizations that sell fair trade products. “We believe that more people will support and purchase these products if they know where to buy them,” says Sarah Mitts, owner of Awaz Voice for Empowerment, a local business offering fairly traded handmade products from India and chair of the Coalition.

The launch includes a series of events this month organized by coalition members. Please visit our website to learn more.