What's your most important business asset? It's not your customers, your products or even your website—it's YOU. 

Taking care of business is taking care of yourself. Here are three ways to nurture yourself and help your small business thrive.

Get Your Three Squares

Soupcycle offers good home cooked soup delivered to your office.SoupCycle will make its 50,000th delivery this week. Have nutritious, affordable and delicious soups and salads delivered to your business.

We meet with a lot of small business owners—usually over happy hour—and we regularly hear: "This [insert bar food] is the first thing I've eaten all day."

What the heck?!

Business owners cannot work productively on corn dogs alone. And we all know that, right? Yet, for some reason, we still don't make the time to prepare, purchase and eat nutritious meals. Our business is just more important than we are, right?

Here's the deal: What you choose to eat and when you choose to eat it are important business decisions.

STAY TUNED: In order to help you make the most of these important business decisions, we're going to enlist the aid of local experts to explore healthy food options, time-saving strategies and cooking methods, and locally prepared foods that are good in a pinch. 

Make the Most of Your Commute

Biking is a great way to improve your commute and incorporate exercise into your day.

Your commute time is valuable. Rather than drive to work, consider walking, biking or taking public transit and claiming that time for yourself. Walking or biking to work will incorporate exercise into your day (and if you listen to a podcast while you walk, you can burn and learn simultaneously), and taking public transit will offer time to read that business book that's languishing on the shelf. 

Work at home and don't have a commute? Create one. The transition time between home and work is valuable; it helps you ease from home to work mode (and vice versa). And it will force you out of those pajamas.

STAY TUNED: Not sure how to navigate the city by public transit or bike? Need a recommendation for a great book or podcast? We plan on covering all the bases.

Clear Your Head and Sleep Well

Journaling can help clear your busy head.Write in your personal journal before work, and do a brain dump in your work journal at the end of your business day. Photo: Ecru Modern Stationer.

Busy Head Syndrome (my terminology, not an actual diagnosis) keeps business owners awake at night. Instead of sheep, we count all the the things we need to do the next day/month/year. And we lose out on much needed sleep. 

STAY TUNED : Not sure how to manage your technology so you can get stuff out of your head and into a safe, saved place? Want to learn how to use technology to share what's in your head with other people? Need better boundaries between home and work? We'll share info that will clear your head and help you catch some ZZZZs.

Do you have additional questions about how to nurture yourself and help your small business thrive? Sound off in the comments below.