Public Hearings

Public Hearing Slated for Residential Development in NW

Northwest District
A public hearing has been called so that SERA architects may petition the city's design commission to waive landscaping and parking standards relating to a proposed mixed-use, 56-unit residential and commercial building featuring subsurface parking on NW Lovejoy Street at 23rd Avenue. The public hearing is scheduled for the afternoon of November 3 at the offices of the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), at 1900 SW 4th Avenue. (LU 11-170093 DZM)

Pre-Application Conferences

Pre-application conferences are the first formal steps in the long process of bringing projects to fruition, during which applicants, various city bureaus and the BDS discuss overall plans in order to determine and solve potential problems that may arise when considering a project's details.

Waste Management Company Seeks Approval to Continue Operations

Water Truck Service
Water Truck Service. Photo: Portland Maps

Water Truck Service, a Sherwood-based septic waste treatment and disposal company, is seeking a Type III conditional use approval from BDS that would allow them to continue storing, processing and disposing of storm sewage and waste from septic systems and port-a-potties. Their plan is to separate solid waste, which would be transferred off site, from liquid wastes, which could then be disposed of into the site's sanitary sewer system near the 8900 block of NE Killingsworth. The conference is scheduled for the morning of October 20 at BDS. (EA 11-179135)

Type II Proposals & One Request for Response

Micro Restaurants, Bakery Proposed in NE

2329 NE Glisan Street
2329 NE Glisan Street


Architects and consultants are petitioning BDS to approve several landscaping and exterior alteration variances that will allow for the redevelopment and conversion of two commercial buildings on the 2300 block of NE Glisan Street into a mixed-use development that will make room for ground-floor "micro restaurants," a bakery, and a residential unit with an adjoining exterior courtyard. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by October 20. (LU 11-162473 DZM)

Mixed-use Redevelopment Planned in West End

Cox's Dry Cleaners Building
Cox's Dry Cleaners Building


BDS seeks design advice from city agencies regarding the redevelopment of the two-story building on the 1100 block of SW Alder currently occupied by Cox's Dry Cleaners. Proposed renovations include adding a 6,000 square-foot office penthouse atop the second floor and converting the site's second story parking garage to a floor of office space. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by October 20. (LU 11-175845 DZM)

Transit-way Proposed for Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project

SW Porter Street
SW Porter Street. Rendering: Trimet

South Portland

Representatives from TriMet seek approval to connect the the previously approved transitways at the Harbor Structure and SW Porter Street in the city's waterfront district as part of the ongoing Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project, as well as the construction of a covered substation in the right-of-way. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by October 27. (LU 11-167525 DZ)

Prospective NoPo Record Shop Seeks Zoning Change

5202 N Albina Avenue
5202 N Albina Avenue


A couple of Vancouver, Washington residents are seeking a change in zoning that would allow them to operate a record shop, specializing in the sale of vinyl records, in a site currently designated for manufacturing use on the 5200 block of N Albina Avenue. The applicants also indicate that they may include plans for a small coffee shop in their proposal. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by October 28. (LU 11-156870 NU)

Public Meeting Planned for Mixed-use Affordable Housing Planned for SE

9900 block of NE Glisan Street
9900 block of NE Glisan Street


Representatives for the Portland Housing Bureau will present before the public their proposal for Glisan Commons, which consists of two four-story, 127-unit, mixed-use affordable housing buildings with a surface parking lot and a parking garage for as many as 90 vehicles on the 9900 block of NE Glisan Street. The public meeting is scheduled for the afternoon of November 3 at BDS. (11-180589 DA)

Recent Land Use Decisions

Walmart Gets the OK

Proposed Walmart near Portland Meadows
Proposed Walmart near Portland Meadows

East Columbia

Representatives for Walmart were recently granted parking lot and transit adjustments by BDS, clearing the way for the company to proceed with its plan to construct a 90,000 square-foot store and a 140,000 square-foot parking lot on the 1100 block of N Hayden Island Meadows Drive. (LU 11-134786 AD)


Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan to Be Reviewed

Inside Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment PlantInside Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant

A hearings officer recently approved Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services' (BES) plan to begin work on as many as 20 projects at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant, to be completed in two phases over 10 years, including the construction of a 12,000 square-foot office near the plant's entrance, the installation of several photovoltaic cells on the site, and the right to process some waste materials outside of enclosed structures. (LU 11-127659 CU MS AD)

AT&T Seeks Gets OK to Add Antennas to Residential Building

SW 13th Ave. and SW Jefferson St.
SW 13th Ave. and SW Jefferson St. Photo: Bing Maps


Telecommunications company AT&T has received the go-ahead to add a GPS antenna to an existing antenna array atop a residential site on the 1200 block of SW Jefferson, as well as the approval to augment, by three-and-a-half feet, the "stealth shield" that better conceals the antenna facility from view. (LU 11-145470 CU DZ)

Shuttered Dynagraphics Building to Get Renovations

Dynagraphics building
Dynagraphics building

Pearl District

Vallaster & Corl Architects recently won BDS approval to begin restorations on the building once occupied by printing company Dynagraphics, located at the corner of NW Everett Street at 14th Avenue. Renovations include replacing non-historic windows with historic replicas, allowing access to subterranean parking, installing rooftop skylights and designating some NW 14th Avenue parking spaces as motorcycle- and bicycle-only. (LU 11-162580 HDZM)

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