“After months of negotiating, fretting, scheduling, meeting, cold calling, drinking, worrying, complaining and agonizing,” double decker dress shop Lodekka has moved a mere half block north from its long-time perch on N Williams because of a tussle with the City over pavement, a curb cut and landscaping.

Sound familiar? Southeast Salon and the Green Castle Food Court have recently sustained blows from the Bureau of Development Services, too. Southeast Salon owner John Hopkins can't expand his thriving business unless he finds some serious coin. A $28,560 fee is a lot of hair cuts. But the Green Castle Food Court at NE 20th and Everett was dealt the knock-out blow, recently receiving word that it is being shut down due to permit and zoning violations.

Is the City working for or against small business? What improvements can (and should) be made? Or is the City doing a fine job? Discuss.