Public Hearings

Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan to be Reviewed

At a late September public hearing, Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) will present its proposal to initiate, in two phases over 10 years, nearly 20 new projects at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant. Its proposed master plan indicates that BES wishes to construct a 12,000 square-foot office near the plant's entrance, install several photovoltaic cells and expand the site's facilities. BES also seeks a request to process some waste outside of enclosed structures. In the meantime, in preparation for the implementation of the master plan, BDS recently signed off on a previous BES proposal to remove between 17 and 26 trees along the site's southern perimeter to clear room for a new entry roadway. The public hearing is scheduled for the afternoon of September 28 at (BDS) offices. (LU 11-127659 CU MS AD)


Hearing Called for Adventist Academy Campus Expansion

Adventist Academy Campus Expansion
Proposed Adventist Academy campus expansion

A public hearing has been called for late September during which representatives for the Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) will publicly present their proposal to change the zoning of a 167,000 square-foot parcel at the north end of the academy's campus, located along SE Main Street at 100th Avenue, from residential to employment, allowing the school to develop additional campus housing. The public hearing is scheduled for the morning of September 26 at the offices of the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), at 1900 SW 4th Avenue. (LU 11-138415 CP ZC)

Type II Proposals and Request for Response

AT&T Seeks to Augment Antennas Atop Residential Building

SW 13th avenue and sw jefferson st.
SW 13th Ave. and SW Jefferson St.

Telecommunications company AT&T seeks conditional use and design review approval from BDS to add additional antennas to an existing antenna array atop a mechanical penthouse on a residential site on the corner of SW Main Street and 11th Avenue. The company's proposal also includes a request to install a GPS antenna, as well as to increase by 3.5 feet the "stealth shield" that will better hide the facility from view. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS offices by September 20. (LU 11-145470 CU DZ)

Walmart Proposed in North Portland

Proposed Walmart near Portland Meadows
Proposed Walmart near Portland Meadows

East Columbia
Representatives for the country's largest retail chain seek parking lot and transit street adjustments from BDS for their proposed construction of a 90,000 square-foot store, and an accompanying 140,000 square-foot parking lot, on the 1100 block of N Hayden Island Meadows Drive. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS offices by September 23. (LU 11-134786 AD)

Massive Facelift Proposed for Northeast Fred Meyer

Hollywood Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer

Sullivan's Gulch
Representatives from the Fred Meyer grocery chain seek bureau approval for a large-scale remodel of their "Hollywood" store. Included in their proposal are plans for a 2,000 square-foot addition along the store's east side, the addition of an extra greenhouse structure, the replacement of playground equipment, the creation of a new underground stormwater facility for their parking lot's north end, the removal and filling of several current window spaces and doors, the addition of new windows and doors and the relocation of lighting fixtures around the building's perimeter. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS offices by September 27. (LU 11-157043 DZ)

City Bureaus Asked to Weigh in on Witherspoon Building Redevelopment

Witherspoon Building
Witherspoon building

BDS is reaching out to other city agencies for their input on a proposed exterior remodel of the Witherspoon building, located on the 400 block of SW 4th Avenue, and currently occupied by the 4th Down Bar & Grill. Proposed renovations include redesigning the building's ground-floor exterior with wood and glass and the construction of a 1,900 square-foot rooftop conference room and garden. A pubic hearing on the proposal has been tentatively scheduled for October 20. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS offices by October 3. (LU 11-161785 DZ)

Recent Land Use Decisions

Providence Guest Homes Plan Passed Despite Neighbors' Concerns

Providence Guest Homes
Providence guest homes

North Tabor
Despite noise, traffic, parking and zoning concerns raised by North Tabor residents, a Portland hearings officer approved a proposal put forth by representatives from Providence Health Services to amend the health provider's master plan, allowing for the development of 30 guest housing units for patients and their families, as well as 31 parking spaces, on 36,000 square feet of campus along the 4800 block of NE Glisan Street. (LU 10-201861 CUMS)

Elections Building Will Get Improvements

Multnomah County Elections Building
Multnomah County Elections Building

Multnomah County representatives were recently granted permission by BDS to move forward on a plan to make the entrance of their voting office on SE 11th Avenue, between Morrison and Belmont streets, compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Other planned upgrades for the site include the replacement of 26 windows around the building's perimeter. (LU 11-152445 DZ)

AT&T Gets Antenna Approvals in NoPo, Hollywood

Wireless antennas.
Wireless antennas

Cathedral Park, Hollywood
BDS recently granted conditional use approval to AT&T to upgrade an existing wireless facility located on the roof of a Housing Authority of Portland (HAP)-owned residential building on the 8800 block of N Syracuse Street. Included in the upgrade are the addition of an extra antenna and the replacement of two others. (LU 11-151195 CU DZM). BDS also signed off on the installation of a 12-antenna 4G wireless facility to be located outside of a rooftop elevator penthouse atop another HAP-owned building on the 4400 block of NE Broadway. (LU 11-152963 CU)

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