Pre-Application Conferences

Pre-application conferences are the first formal steps in the long process of bringing projects to fruition, during which applicants, various city bureaus and the BDS discuss overall plans in order to determine and solve potential problems that may arise when considering a project's details.

Developers Plan Nearly 150 Residential Units at the Corner of NW Johnson Street and NW 19th Avenue

The corners of NW 19th Avenue and NW Johnson Street.
SERA Architects will present plans for two buildings in the Alphabet District.

Northwest District, Alphabet District
SERA Architects will present plans for the development of a six-story, 98-unit residential building—which includes underground parking for up to 68 vehicles—on the southwest corner of NW Johnson Street at 19th Avenue, as well as the development of a six-story, 47-unit mixed-use residential building on the northeast corner across the street. Because the proposal is planned in the Historic Alphabet District, a historic design review is required. The conference is scheduled for the morning of August 9 at the offices of BDS. (EA 11-157631)

Community Service Use Proposed for Northeast Building

Proposed King Community Center
King neighbors want community service use in the space at 1602 NE Prescott.

Residents in the King neighborhood are seeking continual use review to allow a community service use in the space at 602 NE Prescott Street, which currently houses a preschool and the Portland Playhouse Theater. The granting of a community service use would allow King residents to continue attending as many as six weekly workshops, four weekly art camps and 16 annual panel discussions. The conference is scheduled for the afternoon of August 10 at the offices of BDS. (EA 11-153886)

Residential Development Planned for East Portland

Proposed residential development in Hazelwood
Proposed residential development in Hazelwood. Photo: Bing Maps


A Portland developer will present the first phase of his two-phase plan to construct two four-story buildings, which will each contain 45 residences, on the 300 block of NE 97th Avenue. The conference is scheduled for the afternoon of August 17 at the offices of BDS. (EA 11-159632)


Plans to be Presented for Con-way Redevelopment

The Con-way redevelopment area.
The Con-way redevelopment area. Photo: Bing Maps

Northwest District, Slabtown

A pre-application conference has been called to discuss the future redevelopment, by various developers, of more than 15 acres of Con-way-owned properties in the Northwest District on several sites boxed in by NW Pettygrove and NW Upshur streets and between NW 19th and 22nd avenues. The conference is scheduled for the morning of August 18 at the offices of BDS. (EA 11-160116)


Type III Public Hearings

New Dougy Center in the Works in Southeast

Proposed new Dougy Center
Proposed new Dougy Center. Image: Scott Edwards Architecture


Representatives for the Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families will present their proposal for a new center before a public hearings officer in mid-August. Their proposal requests an increase in square feet, from 3,600 to 10,000, to accommodate living quarters for in-house caretakers, as well as a courtyard, an outdoor play area and 18 on-site parking spaces. To move forward, representatives want to incorporate an adjacent Dougy Center-owned lot into the project, which requires the demolition of a home. In late 2009, the Dougy Center was destroyed by an arsonist. The public hearing is scheduled for the morning of August 17 at the offices of the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), at 1900 SW 4th Avenue. (LU 11-145076 CU AD)


Type II & Request for Response Notices

Southwest Safeway Could Triple in Size

Proposed new Multnomah Safeway
Proposed new Multnomah Safeway. Image: Mackenzie Group


BDS is requesting design advice from various city agencies to discuss the nearly tripling in size of the Safeway grocery store located on the 8000 block of SW Capitol Hill Road. Included in the topics of discussion are Safeway's proposal to change the site's zoning from residential to commercial on two adjacent company-owned sites in order to replace its current 21,000 square-foot store with a two-story, 62,000 square-foot store, with parking spaces for up to 135 vehicles. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to the offices of BDS by August 18. (LU 11-103310 CP ZC AD)


Tour Boating Company Wants New Dock

Willamette River Tour Boats Dock and Trimet Bridge Construction
American Waterways, Inc. is seeking BDS greenway approval to build a 103-foot floating dock along the riverbank.

In order to avoid navigational issues between their Willamette River touring boats and any river traffic stemming from TriMet's planned bridge construction connecting Portland to Milwaukie, American Waterways, Inc. is seeking BDS greenway approval to build a 103-foot floating dock on their site along the riverbank, where they plan to permanently moor a river barge. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to the offices of BDS by June 27. (LU 11-141034 GW)


Land Use Approvals

PWB's Reservoir and Pump Station Project Moves Forward

Approved reservoir and pump station.
Approved reservoir and pump station. Photo: Google Maps

Forest Park

At a recent public hearing, several Forest Park residents expressed their concerns about possible traffic backups traffic and soil and fault line concerns regarding the Portland Water Bureau's proposed $3.3 million underground reservoir and 1,400 square-foot pump station near the corner of NW Skyline and Hawkins boulevards. Despite these concerns, the hearings officer approved the project. (LU 11-124669 CU)


NW District, Woodstock, Downtown, Arnold Creek, Far Southwest, Overlook

Representatives from AT&T recently won BDS approval to update wireless antennas facilities across town, including: on the Montgomery Park sign in the Northwest District (LU 11-135616 CU HDZ); atop a commercial building in Woodstock (LU 11-144220 CU); atop the World Trade Center in downtown Portland (LU 11-124367 CU DZ); along a 130-foot monopole in Arnold Creek (LU 11-116384 CU); and atop the Portland Community College Sylvania campus' Amo DeBernardis College Center (LU 11-144691 CU).

Verizon also won BDS approval to upgrade their wireless facility atop the Patton Water Tank in Overlook (LU 11-149467 HDZ).

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