Might traditional village layout hold a key to overcoming some downsides of the modern American lifestyle? That’s what Cully Grove developers Eli Spevak and Zach Parrish are counting on with their new project near NE 47th and Going. The two-acre site plan includes sixteen homes and a shared common house while preserving existing trees and plenty of sunny open space for gardening.

Drawing inspiration from Danish cohousing communities and Puget Sound pocket neighborhoods, Cully Grove is designed to provide essential privacy for individual owners while also fostering a culture of sharing and neighborly cooperation hard to find in society today. Eli Spevak of Orange Splot LLC is building on the success of several award-winning infill communities in North and Northeast Portland including Peninsula Park Commons, Sabin Green and Woolsey Corner. “We’ve found that this living arrangement blends the camaraderie many of us enjoyed as group house renters in our 20s with the independence and stability of home ownership. It also makes good environmental sense in terms of reducing how much ‘stuff’ we own. Within existing Portland communities, residents share tools, WiFi service, child care, cars, bike trailers, big-screen TVs, and recreational gear,” said Spevak.

To date, 10 families have signed up to live at Cully Grove. Some are boomers ready to downsize while other households contain young children looking forward to car-free play space. Everyone is excited about shared amenities, such as guest rooms, a fireside library, and an outdoor kitchen. Current & prospective Cully Grove members have been getting to know one another at monthly BBQ potlucks. At a recent gathering, Layla Parrish (age 3) was delighted to learn that she will soon have new friends to play with next door “and we won’t have to get in the car!”

Cully Grove vision, green features and availability can be found at http://cullygrove.org