While Portland has a certain purposeful grunginess to it, it also possesses a clear sense of refinement. We may like to eat at food carts, but we don’t mind the occasional trip to a bistro. We revel in rifling through the racks and thrift stores but don’t mind popping into little boutiques as well. The businesses that opened in May reflect Portlanders’ appreciation for the finer things in life, whether it be a specially crafted dog leash, a splurge-worthy sundress, or a delicious duck confit. As the rain subsides and we emerge from our little holes, take time to indulge yourself in one of the many new businesses that sprouted last month.


Chop Butchery & Charcuterie
Chop Butchery & Charcuterie in Boise.

Chop Butchery & Charcuterie

Portland is a city that values quality ingredients. For years, Chop has provided the area’s foodies with all manner of meats and cheeses along with delicious pâtés and sandwiches. Now, to go along with its NW 21st and Portland Farmers Market outposts, Chop has opened a new location in the Hub building on North Williams. Residents of NoPo and beyond will flock for Chop’s remarkable beef and poultry as well as a variety of sausages made from natural ingredients. A solid selection of sandwiches is available, which should make Chop an attractive lunch option for people in the area.

Chop Butchery & Charcuterie, 3808 N Williams Avenue Suite E, 503.288.1901



In a city that often values kitsch and vintage over modern refinement, Citrine is there to fill the void. The Eastside boutique offers clothing and jewelry for women with high standards when it comes to taste and quality. “We like to dress the urban woman in a fashionable but also a sustainable lasting way,” says co-owner Misha Hashitani. “We are looking for the sophisticated lady.” Hashitani is in charge of the shop’s clothing while her business partner, Naomi Campos, handles the jewelry. “The jewelry selection is for the more refined lady,” Hashitani says. “It’s all silver and gold and gemstones.”

Citrine, 2937 E Burnside, 503.288.7770

Woodlawn SwapNPlay

Woodlawn, Woodlawn Triangle
For parents seeking socializing opportunities for their children (and themselves) comes the Woodlawn SwapNPlay. For twenty dollars a month, families have access to an open play area as well as scheduled activities such as music and Spanish classes. Parents can also swap old toys and clothing that their youngsters have outgrown. Owner and founder Beth Ivester says the SwapNPlay is an ideal place for children to play and learn and for parents to connect. “Parents can have conversations with each other,” she says. “They’re able to talk about parenting questions that may have, or not, if they don’t want to.”

Woodlawn SwapNPlay, 704 NE Dekum Street, 503.799.6600


Rose City Park, Beaumont Village
Abby Mages, founder of Woolestudio, honed her craft years ago as the co-owner of Environmental Building Supplies, which later became Ecohaus. During that time, she developed a specialty. “My favorite category that I loved working on was wool carpeting,” Mages says. With Woolestudio, Mages shares her passion by planning and installing wool carpets in rooms, stairs, and sometimes entire houses. Mages says she helps with all aspects of the project from picking the right color to identifying the most environmentally friendly supplies. “I can help them figure out what’s best for their look,” she says, “and their price range.”

Woolestudio, 4730B NE Fremont Street, 503.943.2788

Zahara Boutique

Boise, Historic Mississippi District
Jamie Jensen, owner of Gypsy Chic, has opened Zahara Boutique, a women’s clothing store with a focus on affordable shoes and fashions for a curvier clientele. The Gypsy Chic influence pervades Zahara’s collection, which includes many intricate shoes and sandals, flowing dresses of all sizes, and dangly jewelry. “While not wanting to stray far from its Gypsy Chic roots, Zahara merely adds to an already rich tapestry fashion flavor,” says Jensen via email. She adds that Zahara is an ideal destination not just for the fashionable, but also for the frugal. “We strive to have affordable fashion,” Jensen says. “[You] will not find anything over $80 in the store.”

Zahara Boutique, 3962 N Mississippi Avenue, 503.234.9779


Skin & Bones Bistro
Skin & Bones Bistro in North Tabor.


As Portland’s DIY scene gains more and more traction, workspaces like ADX Portland are making it easier for craftspeople of all types to hone their skills. ADX offers space and equipment for all manner of builders including wood and metal workers. “It’s a resource for everybody,” says marketing director Meredith Frengs. “We’re under the assumption that there’s something to be learned from everybody no matter what type of work they’re doing and what type of level they’re at.” Individuals and companies can join to use the space to plan and build but also to connect. Says Frengs, “Our goal is to foster that open community where people can make use of other people, collaborate, and network, most importantly.”

ADX, 417 SE 11th Avenue, 503.915.4342

Bazi Bierbrasserie

Sports fans in Portland come in all shapes in sizes. Some simply require a working television to watch their favorite teams while others prefer a more refined atmosphere with a menu that goes beyond traditional bar fare. Members of the second camp will be excited to check out Bazi Bierbrasserie, a Belgian bar off of Hawthorne that features a 113-inch TV screen. Patrons will feel like they’re watching the Timbers in an authentic Belgian pub as they snack on mussels and frites or the croque monsieur, with applewood smoked ham and Gruyère. Just in time for summer, patrons can enjoy these treats, along with a Belgian ale of course, on Bazi’s outdoor patio.

Bazi Bierbrasserie, 1522 SE 32nd Avenue, 503.234.8888

Breedom Public Sewing House

Sunnyside, Hawthorne
The brainchild of seamstress extraordinaire Bree Perry, Breedom Public Sewing House is a laid-back space for Portlanders to hone their stitching skills. Sign up for one of the many classes, including hand sewing basics and curtain sewing. Anyone looking for specialized attention can sign up for a private lesson. There are even classes for men, titled “Man up and sew,” in which guys learn sewing machine basics and are then taught how to turn a pair of pants into a pair of shorts. Interested groups can also book the space for private sewing parties under the guidance of one of Breedom’s trained sewing instructors. Sewing never seemed so fun!

Breedom Public Sewing House, 3279 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 971.279.5229

Kure Juice Bar

Sunnyside, Hawthorne
Just in time for summer comes Kure Juice Bar, where patrons can sip on smoothies with names like ‘The Lush Life’ and ‘Chocolate Mouth Party.’ The names were conceived during a hectic 45-day period between securing the space and opening the store, says co-owner Nate Higgins. In addition to juices and smoothies, Kure’s ambitious menu also includes breakfast sandwiches on Little T American Bakery croissants and granola parfaits. Kure also boasts açai berry bowls that come with various fruits and other toppings. “Every time somebody gets one, they come back the next day,” says Higgins. “They’re beautiful and decadent and pretty unique.”

Kure Juice Bar, 4409 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 503.688.1006

Otto ***CLOSED***

Hosford-Abernethy, Hawthorne
This classy but cozy spot will be a welcome addition to SE Hawthorne’s food landscape, which is largely dominated by pub grub and more casual ethnic spots. The Michigan import offers affordable, upscale fare with a focus on local ingredients. The menu is small but thoughtful and includes a handful of wines from around Europe. Try the pork belly appetizer with garbanzos, chorizo and spinach. Follow that with confit duck legs and wash it down with the timely springtime highball, a surely refreshing mix of vodka, lemon and rosemary syrup. Otto provides gourmet fare without breaking the bank.

Otto, 1852 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 503.517.7770

Pacific Pie Co.

Having made a name for itself through farmers’ market appearances and a retail shop, Pacific Pie Co. now has a restaurant to showcase its Australian-style treats. The main attraction of course is the pies, which house hearty fillings within perfectly flaky crusts. The menu will also include sausage rolls and the ever-popular pasties, which feature vegetarian filling wrapped in the handmade pastry. Pacific Pie Co.’s new location includes a café and pub where patrons can wash down one of the salty treats with an Australian beer. If you somehow haven’t become stuffed on pies, don’t forget a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie.

Pacific Pie Co, 1520 SE 7th Avenue, 503.381.6157

Skin & Bones Bistro

North Tabor
Intelligent food made with local ingredients in an attractive space: that’s the winning formula that Skin & Bones Bistro employs. The simple but sophisticated space, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page, is meant to evoke “the intimacy and character of a Parisian Bistro.” The small, rotating menu has the same effect. Current offerings include a bison ragù served on grits and a roast chicken galantine with mashed potatoes. One of the seasonally-minded desserts is a strawberry rhubarb pie for a very reasonable six dollars. Skin & Bones has the makings of both a neighborhood joint and a destination for foodies all around the Portland area.

Skin & Bones Bistro, 5425 E Burn­side, 503.236.3610


Western Bike Works
Western Bikeworks in Northwest District.


Pearl District
Eden is the sister store of Flutter in North Portland. While the two may be related, Eden differs greatly from its older sibling. While Flutter features a 1920s Paris motif, the products at Eden are inspired by 1970s London, specifically the famed Biba department store. Eden offers clothing as well as furniture, fixtures, perfumes and stationery. According to employee Molly Emerson, Eden’s selection is chiefly inspired by “the free spirit of the seventies.” Housed in the Pearl, the shop is a swingin’ breath of fresh air. “We’re a new store for the Pearl,” says Emerson. “But at the same time, we’re a very comfortable fit.”

Eden, 221 NW 11th Avenue, 503.222.2285


Northwest District
A new addition to NW 23rd Ave, Reveille offers a little something for everyone. Reveille features clothing from popular current designers and high-quality vintage gear for men and women. The looks, according to co-owner Camille Pandian, are “very classy, classic, timeless, but still up-to-date.” Ladies can peruse vintage sundresses and cocktail dresses alongside offerings from trendy designers including Samantha Pleet and Stone Cold Fox. For men, Pandian says, Reveille has “well-made trousers and waistcoats and shirts,” as well as ‘60s-era suits. For those feeling a little less formal, check out the impressive collection of vintage rock and roll tour t-shirts.

Reveille, 728 NW 23rd Avenue, 971.279.4128

Western Bikeworks

Northwest District
Fans of Western Bikeworks’ website now have the opportunity to check out the goods in person. The 10,000 square-foot location features a large sample of the Western Bikeworks’ bicycles as well as a wide array of parts and accessories. Oh yeah, there’s also an in-house coffee shop. According to mechanic and salesperson Clancy Fear, the store will offer deals on coffee for those who bring in their bike for service. Fear says that the response to the store has been good so far, especially among fans of the website. “Websites are fun to look at,” he says. “But they’ll never have the same effect as looking at something in person.”

Western Bikeworks, 1015 NW 17th Avenue, 503.342.9985


Blackbird in downtown's West End.


Downtown, West End
An import from Seattle’s hip Ballard neighborhood, men’s clothing shop Blackbird is a welcome addition to Portland’s fashion scene, which often seems dominated by stores dedicated to women. Blackbird caters to professional types and (wealthy) hipsters alike, with a well-thought-out collection of clothes and accessories. The shop’s shirts and jackets, from designers such as Julius, Obey, and Yuketan, are trendy enough for a night out on the Westside and formal enough to wear to work the next day. Blackbird is not cheap by any stretch, but its selection is enough to make most fashion-forward men splurge a bit.

Blackbird, 1306 W Burnside

Crystal Hotel

Downtown, West End
For those looking to truly live the rock and roll lifestyle comes the Crystal Hotel. Located directly across the street from the famed W Burnside music venue, the hotel boasts 51 rooms, all of which, according to the website, are “inspired by a song or performance from the Crystal Ballroom’s past 100 years.” It isn’t all glitz and glamour, however; some rooms do not have their own bathrooms, and guests must use the public bathrooms in the hall. No matter; a complementary dip in the hotel’s soaking pool will probably prevent any rock and roll-style tantrums before the show.

Crystal Hotel, 303 SW 12th Avenue, 503.972.2670

Lille Trousseau

Downtown, West End
Trousseau refers to the clothes that a bride wears on her wedding day, dress and all. At Lille Trousseau, the most important part of that outfit is what she wears underneath. The new shop is the latest from Sarah Wizemann, whose Eastside Lille Boutique is known as one of the best designer lingerie stores in the area. The new location offers bridal lingerie that ranges from the traditional to the edgy. Brides-to-be can find bras, corsets and camisoles, along with a selection of high-heel shoes. Lille Trousseau isn’t exclusively a bridal store, but many of its items are priced for a special occasion. Considering the quality of the selection, however, it is a great destination for ladies and the people who love them.

Lille Trousseau, 1124 SW Alder, 503.222.2705

Rogue Hall

Portland State University may not have the most traditional collegiate atmosphere, but the opening of Rogue Hall will certainly help. Rogue Hall takes over the space that was formerly Paccini’s restaurant, half a block from the PSU park blocks. The bar/restaurant will offer a full menu and over 20 different Rogue brews, and it will include a group meeting space for students interested in imbibing while they cram for their chemistry exam. While Rogue Hall probably won’t turn the PSU area into the next Eugene, it will certainly be an ideal destination for students and nearby residents to gather and relax.

Rogue Hall, 1717 SW Park Avenue, 503.241.3800

Tanner Goods

Downtown, West End
Already featuring a solid online presence, Tanner Goods now how has a brick-and-mortar location under its high quality, handcrafted belt. The new W Burnside location will house an array of Tanner-built products including wallets, buckles and dog leashes. Tanner Goods also offers more whimsical items such as wristbands (which come in colors like “Havana” and “cognac”) and coaster sets. Items can be a bit pricey, but don’t forget that the craftspeople at Tanner Goods employ decades-old manufacturing techniques and have the help of a needleworker with over four decades in the business. Check out the website for pictures of the antique equipment used at the shop.

Tanner Goods, 1308 W Burnside


Downtown, West End
Specializing in home furnishings that mesh comfort, practicality, and aesthetic appeal, Woonwinkel offers everything from kitchen equipment to textiles. The shop’s pieces, which mostly come from Europe and North America, are attractive and quirky but remain accessible for everyday use. A good example of the shop’s mission is a sofa that, according to co-owner Erica Essink, is “gorgeous but also really, really comfortable. … It’s the ultimate sofa.” Essink says that Woonwinkel’s pieces all possess “something that just makes a piece a little more inviting.” Considering Portland’s burgeoning design scene, Woonwinkel should feel right at home.

Woonwinkel, 935 SW Washington, 503.334.2088

Zeus Café

Downtown, West End
Opening in concert (pun intended) with the Crystal Hotel is Zeus Café. The restaurant serves fare geared towards gourmands who seek something a bit more decadent than a burger at nearby Ringlers. Zeus Café’s entrees hover around 20 dollars each but are bolstered by the use of fresh, local ingredients. What better way to prepare for a show than by chowing down on a salt brick-roasted Cornish hen or halibut wrapped in prosciutto and field greens. Wash it down with a Rubinator, the blend of McMenamins’ classic Ruby and Terminator Stout beers.

Zeus Café, 303 SW 12th Avenue, 503.384.2500