Public Hearings

Central Catholic High School Seeks Expansion

Proposed Central High School ExpansionImage: Boora Architects

A hearing has been called for the public to express opinions about Central Catholic High School's proposed expansion, in multiple phases, of an additional 48,000 square feet. In addition to building one new classroom, the school intends to add a new 15-space parking lot, widen SE 24th Avenue by four feet, and install curb extensions to improve pedestrian crossing near the school. The school also seeks to reduce currently imposed setback, landscaping and landscaped buffer restrictions. Enrollment is expected to remain at 800-850 students. The public hearing is scheduled for the morning of June 6 at the offices of the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), at 1900 SW 4th Avenue. (LU 11-115222 CU MS AD and PC # 10-103198)

Pre-Application Conferences

Pre-application conferences are the first formal steps in the long process of bringing projects to fruition, during which applicants and the BDS discuss overall plans in order to determine and solve potential problems that may arise when considering a project's details.

PWB Seeks to Replace Fulton Pump Station

Location of Fulton Pump Station.
Location of Fulton Pump Station. Photo: Google Maps

South Portland
The Portland Water Bureau recently met with BDS to consider replacing the Fulton Pump Station in Willamette Park on SW Macadam Avenue near Nevada Street. The proposal includes a plan for a 6,000 square-foot, two-story building that will house the new pump station and will include space for equipment storage and four public restrooms. (EA 11-135790)

Grand & Benedicts Seeks to Modernize Headquarters

Grand's and Benedict Headquarters.
Grand & Benedict's Headquarters. Photo: Google Maps

South Portland
Grand & Benedicts, designers and providers of custom-made retail installations, recently met with BDS to discuss renovating their corporate headquarters on the 6000 block of SW Macadam Avenue. Their proposal triggers a greenway review (necessary because of the project's proximity to the river) and includes plans for either a 10,000 square-foot mezzanine addition, or a 6,700 square-foot mezzanine, with a 4,800 square-foot third floor addition. G & B also wants to spruce up the building's storefront and provide 32 on-site parking spaces. (EA 11-135882)

Public Comment and Request for Response

Trader Vic's Wants to Install Tiki Statues in Pedestrian Right-of-Way

Location of Tiki Torches.
Image: JonesBaker Interiors + Sign Architecture

Pearl District
Representatives of the soon-to-open Trader Vic's seek BDS approval to install five eight-foot tiki statues around the restaurant's perimeter on the sidewalks at NW Glisan Street and 12th Avenue. Each statue could jut 2.5 feet into the public right-of-way. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to the offices of BDS by June 2. (LU 11-129002 DZ)

BES and Parks Seek to Bring Veteran's Creek Back to Nature

Location of Veterans Creek restoration.
Photo: Google Maps

The city's Bureau of Environmental Services and Department of Parks and Recreation seek BDS approval to enhance 700 feet of environmentally protected land along Veteran's Creek in the Johnson Creek Basin near the 9800 block of SE Mt. Scott Boulevard. Enhancements include the removal of five small rock dams and two culverts from the creek, the removal of a shed, a set of swings and invasive plant species from its banks, and the removal of the pedestrian bridge that spans it. The agencies also seek to relocate a nearby pond to better protect the basin's fish population. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to the offices of BDS by June 9. (LU 11-127418 EN)

City Agencies to Opine about the PWB's NW Hills Reservoir

Proposed Forest Park reservoir
Photo: Google Maps

Forest Park
In anticipation of a public hearing, BDS seeks responses from agencies throughout the city to offer considerations and concerns about the Portland Water Bureau's plan to build an underground reservoir and a 1,000 square-foot pump station to service residents in the northwest hills on property near the corner of NW Skyline and Hawkins boulevards. A major conditional use review is triggered because the project, if approved, would be built in a residential zone. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to the offices of BDS by June 15. (LU 11-124669 CU)

City Agencies Asked for Response to Immigration Detention Facility

Location of Homeland Security Office and Jail
Proposed location of DHS's immigration and customs enforcement agencies.

South Portland
Prior to an anticipated public hearing, BDS seeks responses from city agencies about the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) plan to house, on behalf of two federal immigration and customs enforcement agencies, between 10-15 detainees in four holding cells for no more than 12 hours at its site on the 4300 block of Macadam Avenue. DHS also seeks to increase parking spaces at the site to 106 spaces. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to the offices of BDS by June 24. (LU 11-124052 CU PR)

Representatives From AT&T Seek Approval to Upgrade Wireless Facilities at Seven Locations in the City

Location of proposed wireless antenna upgrade in Sabin.

  • Arnold Creek
    AT&T seeks conditional approval to add two additional antennas to an existing 130-foot monopole located on the 11000 block of SW Boones Ferry Road, near Tryon Creek State Park. BDS must receive written comments about this proposal by June 3. (LU 11-116384 CU)
  • Sabin
    AT&T seeks to upgrade wireless facilities on existing antennas on two city-owned water towers at the 1900 block of NE Skidmore Street, including the installation of two new antennas. BDS must receive comments by June 3. (LU 11-124674 CU)
  • Crestwood
    AT&T seeks conditional use to add three additional antennas to a pre-existing antenna array atop a city-owner water tower on the 5000 block of SW Alfred Street. BDS must receive comments by June 6. (LU 11-116363 CU)
  • Argay
    AT&T seeks conditional use to replace older antennas with newer, larger, 4G-capable antennas on a city-owned water tower on the 13000 block of NE Rose Parkway. BDS must receive comments by June 6. (LU 11-125058 CU)
  • Hazelwood
    AT&T seeks to replace three antennas and accessory equipment on the water tower in the Gateway Regional Center on the 400 block of NE 99th Avenue. BDS must receive comments by June 9. (LU 11-121753 DZ CU)
  • Downtown
    AT&T seeks to replace three antennas, and to and add a fourth, to the parapet of the World Trade Center on SW Salmon Street, all of which will be augmented with accessory equipment. BDS must receive comments by June 9. (LU 11-124367 CU DZ)
  • Overlook
    AT&T seeks to install three new antennas atop the city-owned water tower that stands above the historic Interstate Firehouse in unincorporated Multnomah County. BDS must receive comments by June 9. (LU 11-121335 CU HDZ)

Land Use Approvals

7-Story Apartment Building in Old Town-Chinatown

BDS's design commission recently recommended approval of the Macdonald Center West's plan to build a new 30,000 square-foot, 7-story, 42-apartment building on NW 6th Avenue in Old Town-Chinatown in the space previously occupied by shuttered punk club Satyricon. (LU10-200542DZAD PC # 09-148843)

Kenton Farmers Market

It's official. Kenton residents will have their own farmers' market at De La Salle North Catholic School now that BDS has granted its approval for organizers to hold hold the market each Saturday from April to November. (LU 11-117368 AD)

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