This month saw the opening of many new businesses that reflect two of the things that Portland does best—good food and cool clothes. Portland’s culinary scene was bolstered by new arrivals that serve gourmet grub in more casual spaces (don’t worry, there’s also a new gym to work off any new weight you might put on by sampling the new spots), and thread-hunters will be happy to explore the fashions offered by a slew of new boutiques. While exploring all of these new businesses, it became clear just how lucky we are to live here. In all corners of Portland, local entrepreneurs are opening businesses that fit perfectly with the spirit of the city but also provide something new and fresh. Portland’s local business community is an integral facet of its culture, and these new businesses are a testament to the creativity and talent among us.


The aging room at Olympic Provisions.
The aging room at Olympic Provisions.

Brix Tavern

Pearl District
Combining a large, elegant space with flat-screen televisions and classic arcade games, Brix Tavern already has a successful formula. Throw in a menu that includes gourmet takes on pub grub and a full bar, and the new Pearl restaurant can already be considered a winner. An alternative to the sports-only feel of nearby On Deck, Brix Tavern is a place to watch the game on one of eight flat-screen TVs while chowing down on a salmon BLT with basil remoulade or a pot pie with portabello mushroom and seared greens. Those looking to get into some competition of their own can take to the arcade games, pool tables, and, as Brix’s website describes it, the “gorgeous” foosball table.

1338 NW Hoyt St
Portland, OR 97209

Eclexion Boutique

Pearl District
The women’s clothing store, which recently moved from its previous location in Old Town, offers apparel from a number of popular designers. Ladies can pick up clothes suitable for downtown offices as well as outfits more suitable for a night out at one of the nearby dance clubs. Credit Eclexion Boutique for having a sophisticated space to match the tone of its collection. Fashionable ladies of Portland rejoice—there is yet another solid option for expanding your wardrobe.

825 NW Glisan St
Portland, OR 97209


Hammer & Hand Retail Studio

Pearl District
Brought to you by Hammer & Hand, the well-known Portland building company, is the new Hammer & Hand Retail Studio. The new store is a collaborative space with bright designlab, an artistic design firm housed at the same address as the retail studio. The new store, according to Zack Semke, Director of Business Development, is “a place where people can shop for modern home accoutrement as well as plan their next remodel or home construction.” With a philosophy that values fine design and craft, along with the use of sustainable materials, the Hammer & Hand Retail Studio is a one-stop shop for neighbors who need help with any aspect of a building project.

404 NW 10th Avenue #101
Portland, OR 97209



Northwest District, NW 23rd Ave
From designer Mihaela Munteanu comes Moontess, a clothing boutique for women that should feel right at home on NW 23rd street. Moontess offers swimwear, lingerie and ready-to-wear items that are bright, stylish, and often sultry. Munteanu incorporates many themes into her impressive collection, including modern takes on floral prints and the use of patterns from centuries-old Japanese art. Potential shoppers can peruse photos of the collection on the Moontess website, which is not yet completely finished. For now, duck into the new store and pick out something nice for when the sun decides to stay out for more than a day at a time.

826 NW 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210


Olympic Provisions, Westside

Northwest District
New to the west side after providing the east side with all manner of delicious meats and cheeses for the last two years, this “American charcuterie” combines strong flavors with an impressive wine list. The dinner menu offers continental dishes under three straightforward categories: meat dish, vegetable dish, and fish dish. What the titles may lack in creativity, however, the actual items do not. Go for the meatballs and tomato sauce in the next few chilly weeks, and head back during the summer for steamed clams with chorizo.

1632 NW Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97209

Portland Alternative Clinic

Pearl District
The Portland Alternative Clinic helps facilitate the procurement of a medical marijuana card. The clinic does not actually grant the cards (that is handled by the state itself), but on-site physician Dr. Sandra Camacho-Otero writes recommendations for qualified patients seeking one. Applicants then send the recommendation to the Department of Human Services, which has the final say. “We’re here to serve the medical marijuana community,” says Brenda Camacho-Ching, Clinic Manager. “Our focus is on assisting patients who have gone down the road of traditional medicine and it’s either too expensive or not working… We’re here to assist those patients to legally obtain medical marijuana.” Interested parties can access the necessary forms on the clinic’s website.

816 NW Hoyt Street
Portland, OR 97209


Sisters Coffee Company

Pearl District
Better known for its coffee roasting operation in Central Oregon, Sisters Coffee Company has opened its first café in the Portland coffee shop market. The café should benefit from the Sisters Coffee brand, which offers a staggering range of varieties, many of which will be available in the new location. Befitting its location in the north end of the Pearl, Sisters Coffee offers non-coffee perks including a community library and a mezzanine area with a conference table. “We try to create a place of community for people,” says Joy Durham, who owns Sisters Coffee Co. with her husband, Winfield. “We don’t want just be a coffee shop where you’re alone but you’re with people… We want a create an atmosphere of family and community, a place where people hang out and talk.” With high quality coffee in an ideal location, look for Durham’s vision to be realized.

1235 NW Marshall Street
Portland, OR 97209


Isaac Hers Downtown in the West End.
Isaac Hers in the West End of Downtown.

Isaac Hers

Downtown, West End
Formerly Phlox on N Mississippi, Isaac Hers opened last weekend in its new, much more centralized west side location. Owner Barbara Seipp, whose own clothing line is the new store’s namesake, will be calling the shots in this women’s clothing store. The store includes many items from Seipp’s own line, along with clothing from trendy designers such as Buffalo Jeans, Heartloom, and Lily & Jae. In addition to women’s apparel, Isaac Hers offers an impressive array of accessories and gifts. Strengthened by its move to the design-centric West End, the boutique, like the clothing line that inspires it, “blends Pacific Northwest ease with a New York sensibility.”

1300 W Burnside, Suite 400
Portland, OR 97207

YOLO Lounge

According to the website of Yolo Lounge, the Downtown bar is going to “redefine upscale nightlife not just in Portland, but for the industry itself.” In a city that values kitschy dive-yness over sleek excess, it will be interesting to see how YOLO, which stands for “you only live once,” will be received. The five thousand square-foot space includes a VIP area and a kitchen that will produce “Pan-Asian fusion small plates.” YOLO markets itself as a place for downtown professionals to unwind after work and for party seekers to gather at night. Perhaps in a city that eschews flashiness, YOLO Lounge will fill a void.

412 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204



Uchu in Eliot on N Mississippi.
Uchu Sushi & Fried Chicken in Boise.

Elemental Fitness Lab

Traditional private gyms aren’t for everyone. Sometimes a smaller, friendlier environment is the best place to get results. So says Chris Bathke, owner of the new Elemental Fitness Lab. The gym is a relatively small space in which clients can get personalized guidance and training. “Our guiding philosophy,” says Bathke, “is to use only training modalities and equipment that produce the best results based on research and experience with the best people in the field.” According to Bathke, people gravitate towards a gym like Elemental Fitness Lab not necessarily because of what it offers but because of what it doesn’t have. “There’s no mirrors, no egos, no attitudes,” he says. “It’s for people who want to have fun and get good training.”

11 NE Hancock Street
Portland, OR 97212

Eat. Art. Theater.

Now “anchoring” Milepost 5, a residential development geared towards artistic types, is Eat. Art. Theater., or E.A.T for short. The restaurant boasts an ample dining area along with a 120-seat performance space that will host a wide range of events. “We do all sorts of things,” says E.A.T owner Mark Carnahan. “We do anything from kids-friendly fare to art, music, spoken word.” A brief glance at the calendar reveals that next week one could attend both a Mother’s Day brunch and Friday the 13th bad horror film night. And oh yes, this restaurant serves food as well. The menu features many breakfast and brunch items, including a delectable-sounding jambalaya topped with eggs. Milepost 5 residents and visitors alike can munch on interesting sandwiches and sip draught beer until at least 10 p.m. every day except Sunday, when E.A.T closes at 3 p.m.

850 NE 81st Avenue
Portland, OR 97213


Half Pint

In a city already chock full of vintage stores, Half Pint fills a niche that both the most traditional and fashion-forward people among us can appreciate: leather. The Northeast store includes everything from beaded moccasins to artfully detailed bags and wallets. Half Pint excels in its mission to be inclusive of all sorts of tastes—there are items for both men and women spanning multiple styles and uses. Need to pick up a new tote bag for your aunt’s birthday as well as a new pair of boots for your biker husband? Half Pint has ‘em both. Located near arts-friendly NE Alberta Street, Half Pint should be a hit.

5400 NE 30th Avenue, #106
Portland, OR 97211

Uchu Sushi and Fried Chicken

Boise, Mississippi Avenue
We all know what it feels like when the craving hits. Sometimes you just want to sit down for a meal of sushi and fried chicken in a stylish space surrounded by over 2,000 gallons of aquarium equipment. It’s a natural compulsion, really, and thankfully Christian Fitzpatrick has filled the void with his new NoPo venture. Uchu will offer dinner and late-night eats that are sure to go over well with North Portland’s bar crowd. The two-story space includes a giant coral reef and koi tank that will likely grant the restaurant a completely unique ambience.

3940 N Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR 97227


Compote Cafe & Bakery in Hosford-Abernethy.
Compote Café & Bakery in Hosford-Abernethy.

Café & Bakery

Compote’s specialty is not exactly surprising. The café/bakery’s small but thorough menu includes dishes that feature seasonal compote, a sweet dish of fruit housed in sugary syrup. Patrons can munch on biscuits with homemade cream and one of the dessert-like concoctions. Compote doesn’t limit itself, however, and also offers a range of sandwiches including egg salad and a delicious-sounding gravlax sandwich with shallot crème fraiche. Credit the Clinton street business for including a sizable kid’s menu, which includes a PBJ with, you guessed it, strawberry compote.

2032 SE Clinton Street
Portland, OR 97202


Sunshine Tavern

Brought to you by Jenn Louis and David Welch of Lincoln on North Williams, Sunshine Tavern is a welcome addition to the Southeast bar scene. Pair one of the many imported beers and microbrews with a drool-inducing roasted pork belly sandwich or a pizza with hen egg. Not to be outdone by Brix Tavern, Sunshine Tavern also offers classic arcade games, including Galaga and Ms. Pac Man, as well as a full size shuffleboard table. Despite the wealth of spirits available (including an Aviation gin cocktail with maraschino liqueur, mmm…), children are allowed in the tavern all day. So give them some soft serve ice cream and go back to hogging the Pac Man machine.

3111 SE Division Street
Portland, OR 97202


Nopo Paws in Overlook Village, Overlook.
NoPo Paws in Overlook

Consign Couture

St. Johns
In the spirit of Portland’s many shops in which one can buy or sell clothing comes Consign Couture. The St. Johns consignment boutique sells new and gently used women’s clothing from a number of different big-name and local designers. Visit to peruse the duds, sell some of your own, or both. The store’s Facebook page advises potential sellers to bring only clean clothes and to include hangers with all non-knit items. Consign Couture also brings an appreciated sense of social responsibility to its fashions—clothes that are not sold are donated to the Portland chapter of the Dress for Success program, which provides professional clothing and guidance for disadvantaged women.

7400 N Lombard Street
Portland, OR 97203

NoPo Paws

Overlook, Overlook VIllage
This N Killingsworth dog supply store opened on Earth Day, and that was no accident. NoPo Paws prides itself not only on its products for our furry best friends but also on its dedication to sustainability and support of various rescue organizations. In fact, 10 percent of all the store’s profits will be donated to animal rescue and advocacy groups. Sarah Fuller, owner of the store and creator of the “10 percent pledge,” says she started NoPo Paws because of her time spent working to help animals. “I basically started this business for the love of dogs,” she says. “But also because I was inspired by my experience volunteering for different rescue groups.” On the environmental side of things, Fuller feels that it simply makes sense for a dog supply store to offer sustainable products. “I think that people who love animals also inherently have a respect for the earth.”

2148 N Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97203