Requests for Response

Foursquare Gospel Plans for Mixed-Use Senior Center


Representatives from Foursquare Gospel Church through the Bureau of Land Services, seek design advice from Portland's various review agencies about a proposal to construct a four- to six-story, 160,000 square-foot, 132-unit senior housing center atop a two-story parking garage planned for the church-owned property at the corner SE 12th Avenue and E Burnside. The plan also proposes more than 7,000 square feet of retail space and parking for up to 100 vehicles to be used by residents, retailers and worshippers from the church. Church officials also seek a zoning adjustment from BDS—a portion of the building as planned stands, at 65 feet, 20 feet taller than current zoning restrictions. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by March 2. (LU 10-161634 CU AD)

Recology Wants to Sort Food Wastes at Recycling Center

St. Johns

Recology Sort Food Wastes Recycling Center
Image courtesy: Google Maps

Waste management company Recology seeks BDS design advice, as well as the waiver of landscaping, setback and parking requirements, and the requirement that all waste-handling occurs entirely in an enclosed area. Recology plans to accept food and green waste materials for composting at the recycling site at the 4000 block of N Suttle Road. The plan states that Recology employees will sort the waste at a new 30,000 square-foot, covered, partially walled structure. Compostables will be temporarily stored in a nearby building and transported from the site by an estimated 10 trips by truck per day (45 trips in total, counting the trips bringing waste to the facility). Recology also seeks to establish a 3,000 square-foot composting retail center on-site. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by March 7. (LU 10-203967 CU AD)

Pioneer Schools Looks to Redefine Campus

South Tabor

Pioneer schools to redefine campus
Image courtesy: Google Maps

Representatives from Pioneer Schools, which provides year-round education for students, ages pre-K to 21 years with emotional and behavior disorders, as well as autism spectrum disorders, seek to fully utilize each of their three buildings by integrating the entire student body. Currently, the campus's three buildings separate the students by age or by condition. No development or building alterations are proposed. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by March 7. (LU 10-151807 CU)

Pre-Application Conference

Salpare Bay May Get Reincarnated

Hayden Island

Saplare Bay development
Image courtesy: Google Maps

In scrapping an abandoned and often litigious marina-based condominium project, representatives from Salpare Bay propose to split the unfinished project's land in three, one part of which, if approved, will be used for the marina, while the others would be used for the development of high-rise and high-density apartments along Yacht Harbor Drive. The pre-application conference is scheduled for the morning of February 22 at the BDS offices at 1900 SW 4th Avenue. (EA 11-108292)


Land Split

Eighteen-Lot Development May Come to Northeast


Eighteen-lot development in Eliot
Image courtesy: Google Maps

Having split and reconfigured two lots along NE Rodney Avenue, between Ivy and Cook streets, into a pair 20,000 square-foot parcels on the former site of the Morning Star Church, developers at Urban Visions seek BDS approval, through two nearly identical proposals, to create 18 new lots ranging in size from 1,600-2,500 square feet, for attached and detached housing developments. Written comments regarding both proposals—north (LU 11-105625 LDS) and south (LU 11-101408 LDS)—must be submitted to BDS by March 14.


Design Review

Trader Vic's Supplanting Palomino

Pearl District

Trader Vic's Portland
Image courtesy of Jones Baker Architects

California-based Trader Vic's is set to take over the space once occupied by Palomino, which has been closed for less than a year after being open for only one year, at the corner of NW 12th Avenue and Glisan. Plans are in place to alter the building's south and east facades by installing new doors, overhead canopies with down lights, and five sets of wooden windows. Potentially included in this proposal, if approved by the Bureau of Transportation's Encroachment Committee, are five 10-foot tall torch-bearing Tiki-style statues to be placed in the public right-of-way in locations along the building's facade. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by March 3. (LU 10-203840 DZ)

Lacrosse Balls and Batting Cages


PSU Stott Center's athletic field
Image courtesy: Google Maps

Portland State University seeks approval to protect passers by and the windows of the Millard Library from errant lacrosse balls by installing a black polyester 183-foot long, 20-foot tall safety net, supported by four 20-foot tall metal poles at the Stott Center's athletic field's east end. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by February 25. (LU 11-105565 DZ)


Concordia sports facility
Image courtesy: Google Maps

Representatives from Concordia University seek approval to alter a previously-approved plan for a netted, open-air batting cage on the 6600 block of NE 29th Avenue by completely enclosing the cage and—scrapping a plan to install nearby areas with artificial turf—by paving the surrounding area. Written comments regarding this proposal must be submitted to BDS by March 3. (LU 10-203801 DZ)