Fall has officially arrived here in Portland, and there’s no question this “crisp” (by which we mean “freezing”) weather means it’s time for some seriously cozy outerwear. Of course, we aren’t willing to settle for just staying warm—we’re intent on doing it in style. In fact, if we’re honest, there’s something of an outerwear addiction happening in our house right now…but we digress. When you consider that, for at least half of the year, the coat really does make the outfit, we’re just not willing to settle for anything less than the best. Fortunately for us, there are a bevy of local designers lining up to keep us toasty warm, all without sacrificing an ounce of chic. Whether you’re more interested in form, function, or something in between, you’re sure to find plenty of perfect pieces to covet on our list of favorites.

Adam Arnold

Adam Arnold men's and women's coats

For the ultimate in outerwear indulgence, look no further than the made-to-measure options from local couturier Adam Arnold. Each season, he adds one or two new styles to his flawless repertoire, and this year’s additions are so chic, we can hardly stand it. For men, he’s created a Bookworm Coat ($750), built to be simple and streamlined, but with pockets big enough to house a small library. And his women’s style ($1,200), well, it’s just as decadent as you could possibly hope, made of Italian wool bouclé in a bright herringbone pattern. These are investments, to be sure—styles start at $750, and go up from there. But can you imagine anything more worthy of a splurge than a coat custom made just for you? We think a style you’re going to be wearing literally every day for the foreseeable future should fit like a glove and flatter like a used car salesman, and these are sure to do just that.

by appointment
338 SE MLK Boulevard
Portland OR


Amai Unmei

Amai Unmei red coat

This cheery red coat ($450) from Amai Unmei stole our hearts in an instant. The truth is that a little red goes a long way toward brightening your spirits on a gloomy day, whether it’s a dash of red lipstick or a perfect red coat. Every woman should have one in her wardrobe—there’s just nothing like it to add a dash of confidence when you walk out the door in the morning. The peter pan collar keeps the styling more sweet than siren, and the double-breasted placket and belt detail makes this one unbelievably slimming. Swoon!

2275 NW Johnson Street
Portland OR 97210

Bridge & Burn

Bridge & Burn men's and women's waxed cotton coats

If you’re after a style that’s sure to shield you from the worst Portland’s rainy season has to offer, look no further than Bridge & Burn. Their brand was built on providing highly functional, but still hip, cold weather gear, and they hit the nail on the head. Whether you’re after men’s or women’s styles, these are sure to keep you warm and dry through even the longest grey spells. Our favorites (though they make it awfully hard to choose) are the waxed cotton jackets ($235 mens/$225 womens), perfect for those days when the rain just won’t stop, even though the temperatures are making things a little too warm and humid for your trusty down parka.

Find Bridge & Burn at these local retailers:

Frances May
1013 SW Washington Street
Portland OR 97205

Lizard Lounge
1323 NW Irving Street
Portland OR 97209

Garnish Apparel

Garnish Apparel toggle coat

Toggle coats are literally never out of style, but this version from Garnish Apparel ($251.60) gets a very timely update with an of-the-moment funnel collar and a chic plum wool fabric. If a bright winter coat feels like it’s a recipe for wardrobe stress, trust us: plum is a perfect, if unexpected, neutral. It’s sure to look amazing with everything from blacks and greys to earth tones and dark denim. Plus we love the nubby texture of that boucle fabric. This is one gem we’re confident will elicit squeals of “Wherever did you find that?!” everywhere you go this winter.

1524 NE Alberta Street
Portland OR 97211

Lena Medoyeff

Lena Medoyeff embroidered coat

We literally stopped in our tracks when we spotted this stunning floral coat ($586) in the window at Lena Medoyeff. Once we’d collected ourselves, we immediately headed in to investigate. Yes, we know that with its cream cotton fabric, wool embroidery and silk lining, it’s the least practical of the bunch for Portland’s stormy style scene, but it’s so pretty, we just don’t care! This would be an amazing way to dress up last year’s cocktail dress for this year’s holiday festivities, or to add a huge dose of style to just about any ensemble. 

710 NW 23rd Avenue
Portland OR 97210


Pendleton Woolen Mills

Pendleton Toast of the Town women's coat

Ah, Pendleton. How could we possibly have a roundup of our favorite local coats without including this Oregon staple? While the colorfully quirky styles made from the same fabrics as their legendary blankets are uniquely Portland, it was this simply classic camel coat that we couldn’t stop thinking about. The style is called “Toast of the Town,” ($248) and there’s no question that’s exactly what you’d be, strutting the streets in this chic style. This coat really is all about the details: from the pleated cuffs to the cowl collar, it’s pure sophistication, and we just can’t get enough. Plus, it’s made with wool and angora, so it’s sure to feel every bit as warm and luxe as it looks.

900 SW 5th Avenue
Portland OR 97204