After more than a year of layering supersized statement necklaces, it’s time to put those giant gems into retirement. This season, it’s all about the wrist! From Vogue to Bazaar, every fashion magazine out there is showing off a hip blend of bangles, chains and jewels as the perfect accessory for fall’s classic, ladylike styles. And the change in trend comes not a moment too soon…with Portland’s fall weather fast approaching, chances are you’ll be more in the mood for a gorgeous and toasty scarf to adorn your neck than a pile of chilly chains.

To really maximize the new bracelet trend, try showing off your luxe styling skills by layering a stack of chic bracelets to peek out between your coat sleeve and your gloves. It’s also the perfect time to break out your favorite 3/4 sleeve blouse or dress, or go vintage with a gorgeous bracelet-sleeved blazer.

Naturally, we’re all about the local love here at Neighborhood Notes, so we can’t help but suggest a few beautiful baubles from some of our favorite Portland jewelry designers to spice up your fall ensembles!

Tasi Designs

Tasi Designs chain-based bracelets

Taya and Silvija Koschnick, the talented sisters behind Tasi Designs, hit the big time last year when their jewelry was featured in the famed Twilight movies. As you might expect, the spot earned them a serious cult following. Their newest pieces for fall, featuring their signature oxidized silver and ancient gems, include a trio of gorgeous chain-based bracelets. They would look stunning on their own, but picturing them piled together, we’re positively swooning.

Find Tasi Designs at Tilde in Sellwood-Moreland, Noun in Sunnyside and Gilt on NW 23rd Avenue.


Emily-Jane multi-tiered chain, pearl, and rhinestone bracelet


If you’re after the look you’re seeing in all the fashion mags, Emily Jane has it nailed, minus the guesswork. We particularly love this multi-tiered chain, pearl and rhinestone number ($139) that would glam up everything from a tee to a cocktail dress. Try piling this one on alongside a menwear-inspired watch—it’s sure to be a stylish success!

Find Emily-Jane at the Emily-Jane Boutique in Lloyd District.

Grayling Jewelry

Grayling Jewelry Variability bracelet

Grayling is a perennial favorite here in Portland, and with good reason. Their pieces always manage to be fashion-forward but impossibly practical at the same time. Case in point: their chainmail, crystal and gemstome creation, the Variability bracelet ($219), which doubles as a multi-layered bracelet or a gorgeous necklace to be worn in any one of a dozen different ways. If you’re looking for one perfect piece to splurge on this season, you’ve found it!

Find Grayling at Pin Me Apparel on Mississippi Avenue, Mercantile in Downtown and at Zelda's Shoe Bar on NW 23rd Avenue.

Sahlia Jewelry

Sahlia Jewelry Gunmetal Whisper bracelet

It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite from Sahlia’s divine collection of picture perfect bracelets for fall. But if you really twisted our wrist, we’d flip for the Rocks and Torched Chains style. With all those varied chain shapes and the rough diamond quartz stones, it’s the perfect balance of hip and edgy. But the Gunmetal Whisper bracelet ($70) would look pretty amazing paired with a few simple brass bangles. Decisions, decisions.

Find Sahlia at Radish Underground in Downtown and Phlox on Mississippi Avenue.

ASA Custom Jewelry

ASA Customer Jewelry layering bracelets

Of course, if you’re a bit more advanced in your styling skills, you shouldn’t hesitate to take matters into your own hands. Try mixing up a few classic beads and bracelets to create a look that’s all your own. For the best mix of bracelets we’ve seen in town ($34-$150), check out ASA Jewelry, where designer Angela Arnold has more than 40 different bracelet styles to choose from, and each one is built for layering. Go for a tonal blend like carnelian and citrine, or be bold and add in a strand of lapis for good measure. That lapis would also look stunning with a strand of chrysoprase, or maybe some blue sandstone? For a downtown take on a very uptown look, try mixing 3-4 strands of different-colored pearls. With ASA’s perfectly curated picks, it’s impossible to go wrong. If you see something listed as out of stock just contact ASA and she will replicate it for you.

Find ASA at Mabel and Zora in the Pearl District and Sweet Jayne in Sullivan's Gulch.