While most environmental advocates are fighting to keep our skies blue, our water clear, and our outdoor air clean, the Josiah Hill III Clinic wants to make our indoor environment a healthy place to live. Not many people realize that our indoor air is generally 5-20 times more polluted than the air we’re breathing in the great outdoors, and we spend up to 90% of our time inside, blissfully unaware of the increased risks. There is a general lack of knowledge about common indoor hazards; for example, everyday cleaning supplies can be seriously toxic, harmless-seeming mold and mildew increase asthma and allergies, and the invisible presence of lead can severely affect the development of children.

Luckily, the Josiah Hill III Clinic can help! Thanks to funding from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Housing and Community Development, JHC now offers free Healthy Home Check-Ups to the residents of North and Northeast Portland, as well as the Centennial neighborhood in East Portland. During your one-hour Healthy Home Check-Up, a friendly volunteer or staff member tours each room of your home and assesses every potential hazard.

Risks assessed include asthma, allergy, and migraine triggers; lead exposure; mold and mildew; and toxic chemicals linked to adverse health outcomes. Once hazards are identified, JHC provides consultation on exposure elimination and gives families helpful resources. Not only is the service free of charge, but it also includes a gift card to Fred Meyer to help clients purchase their own “green” cleaning products. Sign up for yours today!

Josiah Hill III Clinic also offers free workshops on lead poisoning prevention, mold, and green cleaning, as well as blood lead testing for children under 6 years of age, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. Services are available in Spanish and English. To sign up for a Healthy Home Check-Up or for information about other programs, contact Amanda Lawrence at Amanda@jhillclinic.org.