As a loyal reader of Neighborhood Notes, you’ve probably noticed some recent changes to our web site. But whether you’re new to Portland, new to Neighborhood Notes or just seeking to connect with our community on a deeper level, we’d like to outline our web site’s new features.


Neighborhood Notes continues its daily stream of smart, thorough hyperlocal information that's important to Portland neighbors—news and events from all 95 Portland neighborhoods.

Our reporting priorities stem from our pursuit of accuracy and multiple perspectives to reveal the entire story. We dive into interviews, community meetings and investigations because we want to engage in deep conversations to fuel our news, rather than just gather quippy headlines.

Neighborhood Notes offers current news, feature articles and neighborhood profiles from our dedicated freelance contributors; events and other announcements from business, government and nonprofit community members; and reviews, comments, op-ed and guest contributions from you, our readers. You can always expect an array of current, thorough and interesting information on Neighborhood Notes.

Recent upgrades to our web site were designed to enhance your ability to connect with vital information from every corner of our city.

So, what’s new?


Get the view that’s right for you
Your time is valuable. To get the news you want, exactly how you want it, the new site is organized around three main areas for easy navigation:

Have NN delivered to your inbox or RSS feed reader
Getting local news should be easy—not frustrating.  Neighborhood Notes offers flexible options for how you view and receive the information that most interests you. Hover your cursor over the Subscribe to Neighborhood Notes tab (on the top right of every page), and you’ll see a drop-down menu with plenty of options for refining your daily information feed.

  • Our  email newsletter provides a weekly recap of articles by quadrant, plus the current week’s upcoming events. Sign up to receive our newsletter.
  • Email subscriptions are delivered daily (between 7 and 9 a.m.). You designate the city quadrants where you'd like to track information. Subscribe now!
  • A variety of RSS feed subscriptions delivers new articles (from the areas you designate) to the feed reader of your choice. Subscribe now!

Prefer a more social approach?
Follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook. All of our articles appear there! (You’ll be able to follow the most current announcements from the convenience of your Smartphone this way, too.)


Good for the local business, government and nonprofit communities
When Neighborhood Notes launched (over a year ago!), we were immediately inundated with email requests, press releases, events announcements, meeting invitations and other news from the local business, government and nonprofit communities who wanted their information to reach a local audience.

We recognize the value of this information and want to help these groups share information with Portland neighbors. Because we want to create a lasting, thriving relationship with the people (like you?!) who want to publish, distribute and promote information on Neighborhood Notes, we created a DIY wire service (called NNwire) that allows them to submit their news and events. The easy-to-use news and events forms include a formatting palette, making it super simple to enter (read: cut and paste) information and share it with our readers.

NNWire is a terrific, top-notch promotional tool that you won’t get from other media. Once you’ve submitted your information, it's broadcast via Facebook, Twitter, RSS and our e-newsletter, too. Plus, your business, government bureau or nonprofit is automically listed in our neighborhood directory.

As part of our charitable giving, your not-for-profit events that are free, open to the public and have no commercial interest are listed on us! Same goes for not-for-profit news listings. Business-related news and events can be published, distributed and promoted for a small fee. Event listings are $25 and news listings are $75. Packages are available.

Good for readers

Neighborhood Notes is clear about the differences between editorial and sponsored content so you’ll never have to guess about pay-for-play articles. All NNWire articles are sponsored—either by us, a local business, government bureau or nonprofit organization. News from these sectors provides invaluable, current content and a great opportunity to learn more about our city and its varied members. You’ll also never have to worry about nonsense—we don’t approve any content that is spammy in any way. (We respect your time and ours too much!)



Neighborhood Notes has designated East Portland as the sixth quadrant, as indicated on the compass icon prominently featured at the top of all pages. (East Portland neighbors asked for this; we listened and delivered.)

Click on any of the six quadrants designated on the compass to begin your exploration of Portland’s neighborhoods. Or click on the Portland Neighborhoods link (found under the compass and at the top of every page) to explore neighborhoods around Portland. The Neighborhood Page offers views of the city, quadrant and neighborhood boundaries via easy-to-read maps. The maps also show how we categorize information on Neighborhood Notes—by official neighborhood association boundary designations. Scroll down this page to access the list of all 95 neighborhoods and dive into news, reviews, profiles and more.

Editor's Note: The map markers will be clickable in the very near future.



Information is power, as you know, and one of the best ways to be proactive, to contribute positively to your neighborhood, to connect with your neighbors, is to stay informed about what’s going on around you.

We compiled a terrific resource to provide you with an accurate snapshot view of all of Portland’s neighborhoods. Check out what’s presented in these informative Neighborhood Summary Pages...


  1. News and Events
    Neighborhood-specific articles and events, updated daily and plotted on your neighborhood map. News items are marked in yellow, events in blue and land use notices in orange. Now, you'll be able to literally see the news and events happening around you.

    Editor's Note: Currently, only articles/events about a single neighborhood are mapped, but soon article about multiple locations will also be mapped. This means that if an article is mapped in your neighborhood, something or someone from your neighborhood is included in it. Read it!
  2. Photo Galleries
    Our Flickr photo galleries are constantly updated with new photos of Portland neighborhoods.

    Editor's Note: We haven't photographed all 95 neighborhoods...yet, so consider this a work in progress.
  3. Land Use Notices
    The most current land use notices for your neighborhood. Mapped to give neighbors a sense of neighborhood development locations. History of land use notices are available via delicious.
  4. In the Media (Curated Daily News)

    Neighborhood specific news
    most current mentions of your neighborhood in local media.

    Portland specific news
    most current news that affects all Portland neighbors.

    This information is curated daily—which means our editors scour all things neighborhoody and newsy from other local media sources, blogs and government agencies to find the most current, relevant information so we can all keep our fingers on the pulse of Portland. (Other media and aggregator services often collect a volume of information without direction or focus.) Instead of relying on key words and other search engine tools to find content that may be related (or maybe not!) to the news and events we cover, we analyze the sources and evaluate the content based on whether or not it is truly relevant, truly local information.

  5. Links
    Handy reference information about your neighborhood. Spans neighborhood and business association news, boundary maps, crime and other important statistics.
  6. Neighborhood Profiles

    Feature articles on specific neighborhoods allow you to discover Portland neighborhoods in depth, with detailed information about the neighborhood’s history, highlights, people and business community.

    Editor's Note: We haven't profiled all 95 neighborhoods...yet, so consider this a work in progress. Profiles currently available: Piedmont, Brooklyn, Powellhurst-Gilbert, Hosford-Abernethy, Old Town-Chinatown and Goose Hollow.
  7. Neighborhood Directories

    Neighborhood directories guide you to businesses, organizations and government agencies that reside in each neighborhood, complete with contact and location information to help keep you connected (and a map with driving directions to help you get there, just in case you’re coming from another quadrant). This comprehensive guide collects vital neighborhood information in one convenient location.

    The neighborhood directories also include:

  • Reader Reviews
    Constructive criticism/feedback provided by customers, readers and neighbors. The ability to offer constructive feedback to local businesses not only helps them deliver the goods (e.g., customer service, fave/rave products), but strengthens neighborhood connections. (see an example here)

    Editor's Note: The most current reader reviews will be added to the right column of the homepage soon.
  • Editorial Reviews
    Reviews by our editorial team. We visit businesses multiple times before we offer commentary on our experiences. (This is the straight dope.)
  • Related Posts
    All news and events related to a specific listing. Gives readers a sense of what the business, bureau or organization is all about.



How to list your business, government bureau or nonprofit organization
When your organization or business is written up in a Neighborhood Notes article, a basic listing is automatically added to our neighborhood directory. When you submit your news and events with NNWire, your business, government bureau or nonprofit organization is automatically added to our directory. Basic directory listings include your business/organization name, address, phone, URL).

Related posts also appear on the business profile pages connecting readers and reviewers to previous articles and announcements about your business/organization/bureau. (And remember that anytime you post news or events via NNwire that information is added to your directory listing and broadcast on social media, so neighbors get a strong sense of what’s happening locally.)

Upgrade your listing
We create basic directory listings (biz name, address, phone and URL) whenever we write about a business or organization, and include all related links. You can upgrade this service and enjoy a highlighted sponsor advertisement in your business/organization category, have the ability to provide a personalized message to your readers and see your logo shining brightly on the page that thousands of locals see, too. (see an example here) Interested? Give us a jingle at 503.764.4330 or contact us via email.

Editor's Note: We're more than happy to list home-based businesses, etsy shops and artists in Portland, but we need to map it by studio/home address. If you're okay with supplying that, we're happy to list you.



Featured Posts
Six current feature articles are highlighted at the top of the homepage. We really want you to pay attention to these. Get it?

Editors Picks
Editors’ picks appear on the homepage and throughout the site, providing quick access to our editors' favorite content. The picks change weekly, and showcase resources (example: 5 ways to eat local), best of lists (example: Top 10 Thai Restaurants), hot topics (example: top 5 micro-neighborhoods) or anything else our editors wish to highlight. Let them have their fun—just go with it.

Best of Neighborhood Notes
These articles are reader favorites and are selected by community vote. Simply click on the thumbs up/down on the articles you like/dislike. (e.g., Was it well written? Controversial? Interesting? Tell us!) Articles that gain traction (either way!) live longer on the home page for others to enjoy (weekly, monthly, constantly).

Calendar of events
Our current events listings help you organize your weekend antics and plan your preferred activities for civic engagement. Just click on the events button on the home page, quadrant page or neighborhood pages to access the scrolling calendar that is updated daily.

The Conversation Is On. Join In!

We encourage communication and interaction among writers and readers alike, and you are invited to comment when the mood strikes. Interact with our writers and neighbors on issues that matter to you the most. When you comment on posts, your reply lands directly in the writer’s inbox. Our authors reply to keep the conversation going. Readers can also reply directly to others who’ve commented by using the handy reply feature.

All posted comments on Neighborhood Notes are moderated. This means that we don’t allow bad behavior (like name calling or senseless ranting). We want all readers to participate in positive conversation free from the fear of attack. Your comments help us gauge the value of articles, topics and trends to discern what’s popular, what’s not and why. Don’t be shy! Dive into the conversation, constructively.

And, stay informed by subscribing to comments to be sure you don’t miss a thing. You’ll receive an email notification as soon as new comments on an article have landed. All recently posted comments appear on the homepage, too.

Got something more to say?
You may even want to become a contributor through guest and op-ed articles. Guest contributors often provide keen insight into critical neighborhood issues, breaking business news, community-focused nonprofit programs and more. Op-ed postings provided by connected community members offer important commentary on current (and perhaps controversial) issues that intrigue and affect our community. The more the merrier, we say.

We provide you with the opportunity to review local businesses, city government bureaus and nonprofit organizations in our neighborhood directories. Your sincere commentary about key elements in our thriving community give invaluable insight to your neighbors, to us, to all readers. Local businesses also benefit from your reviews so they can alter their offerings (products, services, approaches) to gain a loyal, local following.

Editor's Note: Guidelines coming soon—not that you'll need them. Right?

Social media
Neighborhood Notes offers unique opportunities to engage with your community members. Since our main goal is to share (and receive) information about the news that matters most to you, not only do you now have easy access to editor’s picks and best of lists, but you’ll be able to interact with us (and follow our conversations) on cool tools like Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed, with the latest tweets being broadcast in the right column of our homepage. This is a fun and easy way to interact with us in real time—your feedback, questions, comments and tips are always welcome.



If you’ve got a nonprofit organization that needs a web site and wants to connect and share information with Neighborhood Notes, we’ll do that—and happily! We provide a free web site and hosting. You create content for your readers, and we'll share it with our readers when appropriate. Your site can also share content found on Neighborhood Notes with your organization members.

Our partnerships build capacity and allow us to forge solid relationships with cool organizations that offer events and programs for community members. Partner sites also provide an easy way to get news and events information out there to a dedicated, local readership.

Meet two of our partners: Trip Not Taken and Zimmerman Community Center. We connect with both organizations to share information and enjoy enhanced communication channels. Readers of Neighborhood Notes and our partner sites benefit from our consistently updated news stream about the issues that matter most.

Your organization can customize the site skin (at your expense) to brand your site, or you can leave the look as-is.

Trip Not Taken is a site dedicated to a concept many Portlanders support and share: living close to where you work to enjoy life more thoroughly by conserving sacred resources like energy and time. On TNT’s homepage, you’ll find their original content, plus the latest news and events directly from Neighborhood Notes.

Zimmerman Community Center is focused on “the mission of building community across the socio-economic spectrum in the River District.” While the center doesn’t exist in a physical facility yet, it provides resources for many Portland residents through its own partner programs. Neighborhood Notes shares content with ZCC (again, on our site and theirs) so all interested community members can be informed.



Your readership matters
Our daily updated news, features, events, curated links, reviews, profiles and more offer valuable information to help you connect with what’s going on in your neighborhood, in your quadrant, in your city. You can enable stronger community connections through your own involvement, too. It starts with your readership. Then, when you comment on the stories and posts that move you, you are instantly involved at a deeper level. Some easy next steps include sharing the stories that resonate (with your friends, neighbors), and mentioning Neighborhood Notes to your favorite local businesses and organizations.

Supporting Neighborhood Notes supports your biz, too
We’re committed to providing local news, events and all related information that neighbors (like you, like us!) need to make proactive decisions about community involvement and spending choices. When you support Neighborhood Notes with your advertising dollars, promote your events and news via NNWire and sponsor directory listings, you help ensure that we can continue our work—providing thorough and interesting news coverage to Portland neighbors. As this support grows, so does our readership, which in turn offers even more opportunity for us to enrich and inform our community.

It’s simple
When we are supported in these simple yet potent ways, our readership grows. Adding to our ongoing, diverse and vibrant conversation is an obvious plus. Strengthening our communication channels and connections is a positive, too. Contributing to the hyperlocal news stream supports the city in which we work, play and thrive. And when we connect around these goals and practices, we all benefit.

Neighborhood Notes is your reliable source for the news you crave and need to stay informed about what matters most. See you online at