What about Fido's needs? Exactly. In our beyond pet-friendly city that is Portland, you'll find plenty of healthy, fun, local options for your critters.

Top Dog and Cycle Dog Collars and Leashes

cycle dog

Both Top of the Food Chain and Cycle Dog offer a cool, local spin on collars and leashes. Top of the Food Chain has recycled tie/hemp dog collars and recycled leather cat collars from $20 to $34 while Cycle Dog serves up recycled bike tube dog collars and leashes from $20 to $22. Both brands can be found at The Hip Hound (Northwest District, 2328 NW Westover Rd) and Cycle Dog can also be found at Meat for cats and dogs (Kerns, 2205 E Burnside), Furever Pets (Sullivan's Gulch, 1902 NE Broadway St) and Sellwood Dog Supply (Sellwood-Moreland, 8334 SE 17th Ave)


Pet Photography

green chair pet photos


Don't forget the importance of "capturing the connection you feel and that silly smile you adore." Green Chair Studio will present your pet—an integral part of your family—on film for you to cherish always. (Getting Maude to sit still for the flash is another matter, but they are professionals.)



Get your paws on Pupsicles. These dairy and soy free ice cream treats are made of rice milk and come in three delicious flavors your hounds will love—peanut butter and vanilla, vegan chicken powder, and vanilla and honey. Pupsicles can be found at some great local spots like Salty's Dog and Cat Shop (Boise, 3741 N. Mississippi, Montavilla, 8119 SE Stark St), Little Green Grocer (Pearl District, 1101 NW Northrup St) and The Pixie Project animal adoption center and non-profit supply store (Lloyd District, 510 N.E. Martin Luther King Blvd).

Organic Catnip Mouse Toys

catnop mouse

Cool Ashland designer Elizabeth Bentz creates handmade organic catnip and bamboo filled mouse toys for friends of feline persuasion. Made of 100% linen screen printed with original illustrations. Not made for rough play—but stylish and enjoyable! Available online.


Stam Dog Treats

stam dog treats

In town you'll find STAM dog treats for grain-free peanut butter and blueberry, sardine and carrot, and pumpkin and carob treats. These gourmet puppy snacks range from $5.25 to $12.50 each. Available at The Hip Hound (Northwest District, 2328 NW Westover Rd), Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care (Sunnyside, 246 SE Belmont St #1) and Gabriel Park and Bark Doggie Daycare (Hayhurst, 425 SW Vermont St).


Doggie Begs

Doggie Begs, also in town, offers organic dog treats like peanut butter/molasses swirls, peanut butter scotties, banana/oatmeal hearts, and fresh breath bones from $ .50 to $5.50. Available at The Hip Hound (Northwest District, 2328 NW Westover Rd).


Pet First Aid Class

If your pet suddenly stopped breathing or broke a bone, would you know what to do? Get informed by signing up for an American Red Cross dog first aid class. Classes are typically held at the Oregon Trail Chapter's headquarters (Eliot, 3131 N Vancouver), but some have ventured offleash to Dogs Dig It (Buckman, 1132 SE Salmon St).