The Water Bureau's Powell Butte Reservoir and Nature Park is a hot spot in SE Portland. It is used by Portlanders of all ages to hike, walk their dogs, etc. Until this week, however, the only way for park-goers to access Powell Butte was to drive or walk up the long access road. Having an abundance of cars and people using the road is a bit of a safety hazard and has become a concern for the Water Bureau.

To alleviate the problem, Water Bureau crews have spent the last two weeks building a 2,200 foot walking path and retaining wall, stretching from Powell Blvd. to the top of Powell Butte. The bureau hopes that pedestrians will use the walking path as an alternative route to access the park and thus eliminate the car/pedestrian issue.

And if you're someone who hasn't yet taken a trip to Powell Butte, what are you waiting for? It contains 608 acres of thriving, green forest and rolling grassland and nine miles of hiking trails- and it's right in the middle of the city! On a clear day, you can spot Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount Jefferson from the top! Powell Butte is located at 16160 SE Powell Blvd.

Jennie Burget

Interim Public Information Officer

Portland Water Bureau

(503) 823-7510