Manufactured right here in the City of Roses

Made In PDX: Black Star Bags

Made In PDX: Black Star Bags

A few years after Dave Stoops moved to Portland, he went on a cross-country biking tour that started on the West Coast and ended back east. He loves biking—it was that and the many backpacking opportunities Oregon has to offer that lured him out here in the first place. And, he had a job as a bike messenger, which he loved because it allowed him plenty of chances to pedal around town. There was only one more...

Where to Get Burgers in PDX: Yakuza Lounge

Yakuza Lounge’s namesake burger is good. How good? Well, it can’t cure disease or end war—yet—but it can make you forget all about whatever’s been troubling you. Sandwiched between a Pearl Bakery brioche roll are a meat patty, ketchup, Japanese-spiced mayonnaise, leaf lettuce (wisely placed beneath the patty to prevent the meat’s juices from compromising the fluffy bun), and more...

Red Bat Press: Publisher of Bike Guides (and Leader of Bike Tours)

If you're a two-wheeled commuter and don’t yet know who Carye Bye is, lean in, because there are a few things about her that you ought to know. After earning degrees and in art and art history, the Minnesota native decided to move west—first to San Francisco, where she stayed for a year and learned all about letterpress printing, before moving to Portland in 2001. In between office temp gigs here in more...

Where to Happy Hour in Portland: Rams Head

There aren’t many McMenamins properties that grant their chefs and bartenders the freedom to play around, but Rams Head is one of them. On the eats side, the menu breaks down its happy hour dishes by price points, ranging from $2 (for a ramekin crammed full of pickled vegetables) to $5 (steak bites tossed with crimini mushrooms in a bordelaise). You’re probably going to want to hover in the $4 range, more...

Homemade BBQ sauce and flash-fried onions

Where to Get Burgers in PDX: Serratto Restaurant and Bar

Where to Get Burgers in PDX: Serratto Restaurant and Bar

Forget how much a cheeseburger costs for just a minute and ask yourself, “How much did my lunchtime sandwich and a bag of crisps cost me this afternoon?” Odds are good that it was at least $9. Now, imagine that you were too busy this afternoon to even eat lunch and that you’re so hungry right now that you can’t even think straight. Well, as long as you can walk straight, you should head more...

Where to Brunch in Portland: Suzette Crêperie and Bar

There are no bad choices at Suzette—only hard ones. Like, should I order the prix fixe brunch (your choice of crêpe preceded by a French almond and brown butter teacake and either a mimosa, glass of orange juice or cup of coffee), or should I choose dishes à la carte? The answer to this brunching conundrum is all of the above. Which crêpe you choose will depend on what you think about meat, more...

Craft cocktails and ham, ham, ham

Now Open in PDX: Hamlet

Now Open in PDX: Hamlet

When the Pearl District space once home to Jinx became available, some local restaurateurs saw an opportunity: Cathy Whims and Ryan Magarian always knew that they wanted to open a bar to serve as a de facto waiting room for their other venture, Oven and Shaker, but they didn’t expect that its location would literally be around the corner. After partnering with ChefStable and securing the venue, they realized more...

Portland Pedal Power delivers hot meals fast.

Portland Pedal Power: Fueling PDX with Meals on Two Wheels

Portland Pedal Power: Fueling PDX with Meals on Two Wheels

When Jenn Dederich and her business partners decided to launch Portland Pedal Power in May 2009, they started with literally the barest of bones. With just one bike and no employees save for a handful of founders, they had a bike delivery concept where individuals and companies could order online from participating restaurants and have that food promptly dispatched their places of work. Six years later, Portland more...

Where to Get Burgers in PDX: Trifecta Tavern & Bakery

Ken Forkish, the industrious, masterminding, flour-dusted hands behind the southeast pizza joint and bakery that bears his name, grew up in Maryland, but he often traveled south by car to see family in Tennessee and the Carolinas. It was during these visits that he began to appreciate the charms of Southern cuisine, as evidenced by its scattered presence all over his Trifecta Tavern menu. To give his double burger* more...

Where to Get Burgers in PDX: Brunch Box Restaurant

Chomping your way through Brunch Box’s meme-ishly named and unapologetically prepared YouCanHasCheeseburger can be a daunting challenge unless you fall into two camps: the adventurously curious and, alas, the young—the latter of whom can most likely put away the whole thing, plus a side of fries, which they’ll no doubt work off over a vigorous game of, say, Ultimate Frisbee. What makes this more...

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