Meet the NN Team

  • Ken Aaron

    Ken Aaron

    I’m Ken, co-founder and photographer for Neighborhood Notes. I love Portland. I love its quirkiness, the mix of old and new, the transportation options, the easy access to the outdoors, and, of course, the food. Through my photography, I want to share that love with you, show you something that’s new and different, or have you look at the familiar in a new way.

    While I live in the Pearl, Neighborhood Notes takes me all over town. One of my favorite things about Portland is that each part of town offers something unique—a different vibe and feel. What’s your mood? Go to this part of town. I want you to learn what I discover about Portland.

  • NNwire


    NNwire is a local news and events wire service designed to publish, promote, and distribute local news and events in Portland, Oregon.

  • Chad Walsh

    Chad Walsh

    I’m Chad and, yes, I’m a transplant. But after years of wandering, I finally found the city that feels like home. More home than home, even. A sort of inner-home. I dig Portland for its city planning, its infrastructure, its public transit, its incredible scenery, its parks, its proximity to the mountain and the coast, its endless restaurant and bar scene, but most of all, for its people, because Portland is the town where everybody roots for everyone else, even those with whom you should be competing. When I’m not writing for a variety of publications and organizations across town, I’m bragging about my new hometown (and my Alphabet District neighborhood), running through the woods, enjoying a well-made craft cocktail, and living by one simple rule: Always check your 6.

  • Chris Young

    Chris Young

    A native Oregonian and (most frequently) a resident of SE Portland (currently Sellwood), I grew up on the east side and have always found ways to surround myself with the bounty of the Northwest. From beautiful, local noise and creativity to outdoor adventures and culinary indulgences, this city has been my launching pad to the state, West Coast and world. Duties as the Managing Editor of Neighborhood Notes and Editor-In-Chief of Vortex Music Magazine keep me busy discovering reasons why I love this place and then telling those stories, while I always make a little time to travel and try the sights, sounds and microbrews that come from outside our region.