Meet the NN Team

  • Ken Aaron

    Ken Aaron

    I'm Ken and I'm the photo editor of Neighborhood Notes. When I remove the camera from my face, I enjoy biking and hiking all over Portland (even though I live in the Pearl District), tasting the amazing food and sampling the variety of bourbon-based drinks our fabulous bartenders dream up. Sometimes, just for fun, I go out and take more photos.

  • Lynnette Fusilier

    Lynnette Fusilier

    Portland is a magical place where little things can make a big difference. Whether you like walkable neighborhoods, buying from independent retailers or observing quirky individuals do their thing, connecting with the right people, places and things in Stumptown can change your day, your week, and yes, even your life.

    I'm Lynnette and I’d like to invite you to explore Portland with me. I don’t own a car; I bike, walk and occasionally use a to-go container to trek around town to and from my digs in North Portland’s Arbor Lodge neighborhood. Slow is how I roll but it helps me discover a lot of things others might overlook—the charming, silly, tasty, unique and intentionally random things that will make you fall in love with this town.

  • NNwire


    NNwire is a local news and events wire service designed to publish, promote, and distribute local news and events in Portland, Oregon.

  • Chad Walsh

    Chad Walsh

    I’m Chad and, yes, I’m a transplant. But after years of wandering, I finally found the city that feels like home. More home than home, even. A sort of inner-home. I dig Portland for its city planning, its infrastructure, its public transit, its incredible scenery, its parks, its proximity to the mountain and the coast, its endless restaurant and bar scene, but most of all, for its people, because Portland is the town where everybody roots for everyone else, even those with whom you should be competing. When I’m writing for a variety of publications and organizations across town, I’m bragging about my new hometown, running through the woods, enjoying a well-made craft cocktail, and living by one simple rule: Always check your 6. 

  • Chris Young

    Chris Young

    Chris is the Managing Editor of Neighborhood Notes, a native Oregonian, and a resident of SE Portland. Also the Editor-In-Chief of Vortex Music Magazine, he's always finding ways to surround himself with beautiful, local noise and creativity. A reporter, storyteller, editor and designer in a digital world, his work has appeared on his blog PDX Noise, Spinner, About Face Magazine, The Iconist, and the Outdoor Project, among others.