Meet the NN Team

  • Ken Aaron

    Ken Aaron

    Ken Aaron is co-founder and photo editor of Neighborhood Notes. When he removes the camera from his face, Ken enjoys biking and hiking in and around Portland, tasting the amazing food in town, sampling the variety of bourbon-based drinks our fabulous bartenders dream up, and keeping tabs on the Ducks, SF Giants and 49ers. Sometimes, just for fun, he goes out and takes more photos.

  • Lynnette Fusilier

    Lynnette Fusilier

    Lynnette is the founding editor of Neighborhood Notes. When she's not at her desk, Lynnette enjoys biking around the city, following Texas Football (Hook 'em Horns!) and sipping bourbon at a variety of neighborhood establishments. 

  • NNwire


    NNwire is a local news and events wire service designed to publish, promote, and distribute local news and events in Portland, Oregon.

  • Chad Walsh

    Chad Walsh

    Chad Walsh has been police reporter, a house painter, an impresario, an editor and a waiter. He reports on a variety of local topics for Neighborhood Notes, but when he's not, he writes about food and drink for local restaurants, websites and magazines. He likes long walks, good whiskey and imagining where electrons really go when they've lost all their spin.  

  • Chris Young

    Chris Young

    Chris is the Managing Editor of Neighborhood Notes, a native Oregonian, and a resident of SE Portland. Also the Editor-In-Chief of Vortex Music Magazine, he's always finding ways to surround himself with beautiful, local noise and creativity. A reporter, storyteller, editor and designer in a digital world, his work has appeared on his blog PDX Noise, Spinner, About Face Magazine, The Iconist, and the Outdoor Project, among others.