Early Bird Children's Show wholesomely starts the FullDay of performance, with an interactive improvisational performance called Junior Jam, sponsored by Sound Roots, plus many great family shows up to 2 p.m. The noon kick-off in the Square features the Creative Composers Community of Portland, presenting new original big band and chamber music. Introducing a 21+ after hours program with the Global Getdown: Dr. J vs. Mr. Wu bringing international funk, dub, and hip hop to the hood, plus Lickity's lazer light rock show at Slim's. And in between these two extremes will be 12 hours of variety, like the fierce Lions of Batucada, David Ornette Cherry with Impressions of Energy, Blue Cranes, dance curated by Tracy Broyles, Mudeye Puppet Theater, the visually stunning musical of Billygoat, and much more.

Learn more at the No.Fest web site.