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Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry

808 NE Dekum Street
Portland OR 97211

Mon-Sun 6:30am-6:30pm

Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry
From the Owner...

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a baker, and even after graduating from culinary school as a bona fide chef, I immediately returned to baking. It’s where my passion is, and while there’s something rewarding about baking a good fruit pie, it’s even more rewarding to see the smile on the face of the person eating it. Our breakfast, lunch and early dinner shop offers all kinds of cafe eats, as well as cocktails, sodas, teas and Stumptown espressos and rotating drips. If you like what you’re eating and want to order a cake, pie or healthy dose of pastries for a birthday or anniversary party, just give us 48 hours notice and they’re all yours. In fact, you can even reserve the space and have your soirée right here. Gretchen Glatte

From the Editor...

Oregon native Gretchen Glatte has baking in her blood. After training as a chef in the Bay Area, she returned to Portland and made pastries for both Wildwood and Firehouse before deciding to open her own chockablock pastry and coffee shop across the street from the latter. Since opening the doors in 2010, Glatte’s menu has evolved—espresso drinkers can now cut all that caffeine with breakfast plates, soups, sandwiches and, on weekends, biscuits and gravy (or augment it by ordering house-twisted classic cocktails)—but the cozy space is still home to plenty of quiches, cakes, sweet and savory pastries, and truly outstanding whole and by-the-slice butter-crust pies adapted from recipes she inherited from her mom and grandma.

Cranberry-Peach Pie

You might think something's gone wrong when the only way to a keep a slice of pie intact is to serve it in a bowl. But don't let the bowl fool you, because once you try a slice of baker-owner Gretchen Glatte's cranberry-peach pie, you'll know that everything has gone absolutely right. The slivers of peach are deep and earthy, the cranberries tart and tangy, and the crispy but tender, shiny crust, with its sprinkling of powdered sugar, rivals the best crusts you've ever tasted. If peaches and cranberries go out of season, don't worry. There's a reason filling is called filler, even one as good as cranberry-peach. Because it's not the fruit filling you're chasing, it's the perfect crust.

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