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3449 N Anchor St. Ste. 200
Portland OR 97217
From the Editor...

If you work in, or are often near, Swan Island's industrial district, then you already know that the hottest breakfast-and-lunch spot is TILT. Owned and operated by Brittany and Octavian Jurj, TILT's kitchen specializes in doling out from-scratch versions of diner classics, like biscuits and gravy, johnny cakes, enormous Cobb salads, and signature burgers, including the Koolakofsky, which is essentially a Reuben with an extra hamburger patty and a nod to the sandwich's presumed inventor. And even if you don't work nearby, a trip to TILT might be in order for a slice of homemade pie, just like your great-grandmother used to make, and a quality cup of joe. Chad Walsh, 7/3/2012

Coconut Cream Pie

This breakfast, lunch and dinner spot was designed to give workers in Overlook's industrial district a good place to grab waffles, biscuits, burgers and fries. But the motivation that truly inspired TILT was to provide a space where you could sit back with a cup of joe and leisurely eat a slice of owner Brittany Jurj's homemade pie. Your only dilemma is to choose a slice filled with either fruit or cream. If you go cream, try the coconut cream, which is made of a dense coconut custard and a layer of whipping cream stacked neatly inside a light crust shell. The best part is not just the toasted coconut that tops the pie and gives it a slightly savory kick, but also the freshly shredded coconut hidden in the custard base.

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