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7919 SE 13th Ave.
Portland OR 97202

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

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From the Owner...

Debbe Hamada, owner of TildeThe beautiful accessories, home and tabletop items, and artwork we sell at Tilde are chosen for their clean lines and modern appeal. We listen to the story behind the maker’s design and enjoy sharing this with our customers. In addition to selling the coolest accessories and artwork around, we think it’s also nice to know a bit about where these items came from. We hope you’ll find Tilde to be an easy and even inspiring environment to browse and pick out the perfect gift—for yourself or for a friend. Debbe Hamada

From the Editor...

In the words of owner Debbe Hamada, Tilde "feels like a home more than a shop." Decorated in bright, brilliant, can't-miss colors, Tilde is a modern lifestyle shop where you can find accessories, handbags, jewelry and scarves to augment your personal style, as well as hip mugs, glasses, placemats, and locally produced rotating art to spruce up your home. "Chances are, if you like one thing in here," Hamada says, "you'll probably like just about everything." 

Create Your Wish List

It’s not hard to find one too many things that you just gotta have once you begin poking around the art, apparel, gifts, and unique items for the home at Tilde. That’s why owner Debbe Hamada offers an “old school,” in-store way to create a wish list before your special day—whatever it may be—and share it with friends and family. Stop by the shop and start a wish list of the “the items you most adore and want someone to purchase for you,” Hamada says. Then, your pals can come in, pick something from your list, and Tilde will track the purchases. “Most customers use this either for birthdays or just because,” Hamada explains, adding that she’s also happy to email your list to friends—that is, if you’d like to encourage others to give a gift... to you!

1 review
  1. November 4th, 2012

    Going to Tilde is a special treat for me. I want everything in this shop every time I visit it! From artwork to earrings I find something I can't live without every single time I enter. It's the most lovely curated collection of objects I can imagine...if it could just all be in my home!!!

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