The Waypost

3120 N Williams Avenue
Portland OR 97227

If you're looking for engaging and creative entertainment (literary readings, performance art, movie screenings, DJs spinning, trivia nights), this could be your new home. Even better, the small, cozy patio outside is penned in by a whimsically decorated fence and borders the lush, urban and functional Fargo Forest Garden.

Forecast: There are but three small picnic tables that collectively seat a dozen people, so getting a spot outside is hit or miss. But if you score a table, it's the perfect space to catch up with friends or quietly unwind with a book. 

SPF: Each table is equipped with an umbrella to shield you from the drizzle or shade you from the midday sun. 

Advisory: Children are okay until 6 p.m. Dogs and smoking are prohibited in the garden patio, but both are allowed at tables on the sidewalk near the front entrance.

Barometer: The food menu changes weekly to keep it fresh, and it leans hard on Mexican and TexMex dishes, including toacos, nachos and chilis, as well as a host of vegan options. So relax and order a cup of tea, enjoy a shot of espresso, or get a head start with a brunch time Bloody Maria (housemade Bloody Mary mix married with jalapeño-infused vodka).


When it comes to biscuits and gravy at The Waypost, you can kiss that pig goodbye because all of the biscuits, even the ones that aren't vegan, are seasoned with rosemary and a meaty blend of seasonal mushrooms. Why switch it up and skip the pork altogether? Because guests, even the omnivores, prefer the mushroom gravy over its sausagey cousin. If you’re looking for even a trace of animal protein, you can opt for dairy-based biscuits. It may not look healthy—do biscuits and gravy ever look healthy?—but it eats good. And while you’re sopping up the last of that gravy, just know you don’t need to worry about filling out while filling up. Pair your guilt-free biscuits with a garlicky, celery infused-vodka Bloody Mary served in a Ball jar with a salty rim and tall celery stalk.

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