NoPo Paws

2148 N Killingsworth St.
Portland OR 97203
From the Editor...

This North Killingsworth Street dog supply store opened on Earth Day 2011, and that was no accident. NoPo Paws prides itself not only on its products for our furry best friends, but also on its dedication to sustainability and support of various rescue organizations. In fact, 10 percent of all the store’s profits are donated to animal rescue and advocacy groups. Sarah Fuller, the owner of the store and creator of the “10 percent pledge,” says she started NoPo Paws because of the time she's spent working to help animals. “I basically started this business for the love of dogs,” she says, “but also because I was inspired by my experience volunteering for different rescue groups.” On the environmental side of things, Fuller feels that it simply makes sense for a dog supply store to offer sustainable products. “I think that people who love animals also inherently have a respect for the earth,” she says.

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