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Morgan Oxley, Hypnotist

732 SW 3rd Ave., Ste. 609
Portland OR 97204
From the Editor...

Anchorage, Alaska-native Morgan Oxley reached an existential impasse in his life several years ago. He'd done many adventurous things—he'd been a bike messenger, a volcano guide, and had traveled all over the world—but in the middle of the last decade, he found himself the owner of a bar in Guatemala, where he felt he was providing people a disservice by "feeding them bad food and getting them drunk." Around that time he remembered the enthusiasm he had felt in 2000 when he first encountered hypnotism. Skip ahead a half-dozen years and Oxley, now a certified hypnotherapist, has settled in Portland and is eager to help us advance our lists of "dos" (learning new languages or bettering our musical and athletic skills) while beating back our list of "don'ts" (smoking, eating poorly, spending too much time with our gadgets). Plus, he just joined the Supportland network, which means he'll offer you a free session with every 300 points you earn. Sessions are by appointment, so call ahead if you have a habit you're hoping to kick. Chad Walsh, 1/3/2012

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