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Hattie's Sweet Shop

4815 NE Fremont St.
Portland OR 97213
From the Editor...

You can take comfort in knowing that when you visit Tricia Leahy's sweet shop, you will always find familiar favorites, including Swedish Fish, gummies, Necco Wafers, Sweet Tarts, PEZ, too many chocolates to count, and a variety of jellybeans. Actually, make that a wall of jellybeans—Leahy estimates the shelves lined with jars collectively hold about 400 pounds of them. You can also find pints of Umpqua Dairy ice cream, 40 varieties of black licorice, and a wide selection of Leahy's handmade fudge. But because she knows candy should be fun, Leahy also stocks lots of seasonal varieties, including caramel apples and gummy brains for Halloween, chocolate turkeys at Thanksgiving, and, for Easter, several shades of Peeps. In fact, Leahy sponsors a Peeps diorama contest each spring. The winners of the best Peeps mise-en-scène win a gift basket full of goodies or a gift certificate to spend as they see fit.

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