Dracula's Monkey

1856 SW River Dr.
Portland OR 97201
From the Editor...

For 20 years, Pat Snyder owned and operated a carpet cleaning franchise in Northern California, but he's always been drawn to art. Now, within months of moving to Portland in late 2012, Snyder has opened a brightly colored retail store along the waterfront near RiverPlace Marina where he sells recycled and upcycled bags, reclaimed and restored furniture bearing the imprints of salvaged oil paintings (some of which Snyder himself has executed), and a line of signature soaps, made with pumice ash from both Mt. Hood and Mount St. Helens. As for the name? Snyder says it's a nod to the nickname given to a species of Indonesian monkeys, long thought to be extinct, that were recently "rediscovered" by scientists. Chad Walsh, 12/5/2012

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