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Annie’s Donuts

3449 NW 72nd Avenue
Portland OR 97213
From the Editor...

If you like your coffee black, your doughnuts straight forward and your order to be repeated back to you with a smile in broken English, there’s no place like Annie’s. Here you’ll find no-frills classics like maple bars, bear claws and twists, and nothing will cost you more than 90 cents.

What we like: For the price, the freshness, texture and overall taste of the doughnuts was actually quite impressive.
What we don’t: No doughnut here should be purchased without an accompanying cup of coffee to offset the extremely rich flavors.

1 review
  1. Eric Dunlap
    November 8th, 2010

    You HAVE to try The Butterfly! It is a pastry with peanut butter and chocolate on top. It's akin to having a doughnut...and a Reese's at the same time. What could be finer? Very nice people, consistently great donuts, and an old school feel that makes it the perfect donut shop!

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