There's just more to it than which place is better

4 Differences Between North and NW Portland

4 Differences Between North and NW Portland

Have you ever wondered if there’s any real difference between living in North and NW Portland? Oh sure, people will say one part of town is better than the other, but after moving from the Pearl District to Arbor Lodge, I’ve spotted some tangible, discernible lifestyle differences. The driver of the differences appears to revolve around housing stock and density: NW Portland is a high-density mix of more...

You're gonna love riding an e-bike around the Rose City

Rent Me: I Am Electric and Fun!

Rent Me: I Am Electric and Fun!

Looking for a battery-operated good time with an enthusiastic guide? Then you’re gonna love riding an electric bicycle around the Rose City with Portland Adventure Tours (PAT). A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sarah Bott, owner and operator of PAT, invited me to ride along on an e-bike tour of the city. I had never ridden an e-bike before and, as it turns out, it’s a really fun, easy way to traverse the more...

"The little things are infinitely the most important."

Finding Joy in the Little Things Defines the Portland Experience

Finding Joy in the Little Things Defines the Portland Experience

After a decade of writing about Portland neighborhoods, people often ask me if I'm tired of it—especially given the recent changes in my life. The short answer: No. Actually, I'm falling in love with Portland and Neighborhood Notesall over again because my heart is full of gratitude for the people I'm meeting, the experiences I'm having, and this glorious townI'm living in. You're part more...

A change in zip code can yield surprising results.

New Neighborhood. Same Girl. Different Perception?!

New Neighborhood. Same Girl. Different Perception?!

How do you respond when people ask: “Where do you live?” And how do they respond when you tell them? Before I even made the move to Arbor Lodge from the Pearl District, I noticed something that was a real head-scratcher: People reacted to me differently based on where I said I lived/would be living. It didn’t occur to me that people would perceive and treat me differently based on my zip code. I more...

There Goes the Neighborhood

A lot can change in 10 years. Relationships begin and end. Businesses evolve. Addresses change. And if you’re like me, you shake everything up at once. The way I see it, if you’re gonna start over, you might as well make life a total shit show, because when you emerge from the ashes, the changes should be dramatic. Over a decade ago, I created Neighborhood Notes as a means of exploring my new more...

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