We are Family

  • Pip's Original

    Everybody loves a good doughnut, but until recently, you’d be hard-pressed to find fresh, made-to-order, piping hot doughnuts. Pip’s has changed all of that, and its bite-sized mini-donuts are preservative- and trans fat-free, and made to be eaten within—what owners Nate and Jamie Snell call—the golden hour of their soy shortening bath. And they’re so small that you can eat a dozen "without feeling like you've swallowed a cannonball."

  • C'est Si Bon! Crêpes + Vins

    John and Gabrielle Esbeck’s meet cute story starts with an unexpectedly fateful bottle of wine. John worked as the maître d' on the penthouse floor of a posh La Valencia restaurant, and Gabrielle’s job was to track down that wine and send it upstairs to him via a tuxedoed wine porter. Now, they're Portland business owners, and when they're not caring for their kids, they're making you crêpes.


  • Mirador Kitchen and Home

    Lynn and Steve Hanrahan have backgrounds, respectively, in the music industry and sound engineering, but it was their love of DIY kitchen culture that inspired them to open what they call their "kitchen hardware store." The shop, Lynn says, is about going "back to basics," long before the age of microwaves and TV dinners, when people spent the whole day cooking in the kitchen. 

  • Adorn Division

    Nicole and Ethan Whitesell’s boutique—which started online and then grew into a 700-square-foot space before outgrowing that for one that’s 1,100-square-feet—has just opened a second shop: a 2,000-square-footer that breathes some new retail life into a corridor known for its restaurants and bars. Expect women’s seasonal fashion lines and accessories, from boots on up to hats, and ornamentation by Grayling Jewelry and Lulu.

  • Hip Chicks Do Wine

    Hip Chicks Laurie Lewis and Renee Neely used to work at a commercial vineyard in wine country, but after a while, they decided that the long commute out of town and back again was killing them. So, the pair decided to open their own winery right here in the city. Lewis says she and Neely make wine because they have a passion for it. But, the real reason they make it is because they know you have a passion for it, too.

  • Oblation Papers & Press

    Jennifer Rich compares her wholesale and retail urban paper mill, which she owns with her husband, Ron, to a Paris flea market, "because you never know what you're going to find,” she explains. The shop carries a wide selection of letterpress and locally designed greeting cards, pencil cases, wrapping paper, paper weights, business card cases and even vintage typewriters.


  • Old Town Florist

    Jeff and Wendi Day have been been providing flowers to the metro area from their Pearl District digs for almost 20 years. In fact, the shop was in the Pearl before it was the Pearl. Although they source a few flowers from Hawaii, the Days specialize in supporting local growers by buying their flowers first, which they in turn arrange and deliver to hotels, restaurants and corporate offices. They'll also deliver roses to your sweetheart, too.


  • Rose City Futsal

    What do you get when people from 10 different local families get together and dream up an ambitious fútbol project housed in an old 30,000-square-foot warehouse located within a two-mile radius of each family's home? According to Rose City Futsal general manager Eric Dunlap, you get: three futsol fields (two turf, one hard rubber), seats for as many as 200 and a pub named after Portland's godfather of soccer, Clive Charles.

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Today is our favorite kind of day: National Mom ’n’ Pop Business Owners Day! We’re taking it a logical step further by spotlighting moms and pops who are actual moms and pops!