• Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

    If you label something on your menu as "Portland's best," you're gonna wanna back it up. Luckily, for Arleta Library's Nick and Sarah Iannarone (and for you), this cafe's “biscuits-n-gravy” just may be the city's best. The rosemary gravy is salty, creamy and clustered throughout with pieces of sausage, some of them the size of meatballs, and the two yellow biscuits are as velvety as butter.

  • Cricket Cafe

    The Cricket Cafe is your quintessential corner breakfast spot. The service is casual, friendly and prompt. The clientele is a welcoming mix of the young and the no longer so, and the music, interrupted only by the ringing handbell announcing that your food is on its way, is never too loud. Order the bagel breakfast club (pepper bacon and a cheese omelet on the inside, grilled tomatoes and hollandaise out) It's messy, but so tasty.

  • Iconic

    With its mod movies and large framed portraits of Hollywood royalty like Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando, Iconic aims to put a contemporary spin on old standards, an idea that’s executed all the way down to the brunch menu. And that concept might be most evident with the eggs Benedict. You’re not getting ham. You’re not even getting English muffins. Rather, you’re getting a split biscuit with fried chicken and hollandaised eggs.


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When it comes to eatin’ in this town, everyone’s quick to jump at the newest, shiniest thing. But remember, neighborhoods are anchored by plenty of unsung spots, too. Here’s three.