Vegetarian Day

  • Food Fight! Grocery

    For more than a decade, the folks behind this vegan market have been, in their words, aiming to serve Portlanders and the “non-human” residents populating, what they adorably call, our “goofy little planet.” That means cruelty-free and guiltless “fake” cheese, “fake” meats, loads of miscellany, like hoodies, supplements, and totes to carry home what the shop really aims at: vegan junk food characterized by healthier ingredients.

  • The Bye and Bye

    For years, the kitchen crew at The Bye and Bye experimented with the idea of a vegan grilled cheese, attempting over and over again to concoct a homemade vegan cheese that would taste—and melt—like real cheese. After many trials and errors, they finally threw up their hands and decided to source their vegan cheddar from Vancouver, B.C.’s Daiya, which helps them produce what just may be Portland's best vegan grilled cheese.

  • Homegrown Smoker

    Say it out loud and say it slowly: Vegan barbecue. Once the cognitive dissonance subsides, sink your teeth into Jeff Ridabock’s pretend chicken sandwich or his smoked tempeh rib platter. His NE Portland food cart has become a sort of vegan mecca, and you can thank his kids for that: They went vegan, and then gradually brought their old man around to a point of view where BBQ sauce-slathered soy curls get solumnly treated.

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October is for Octoberfest, Rocktoberfest and Halloween. But it’s also National Vegetarian Month, and today’s World Vegetarian Day, so get your veggie swerves on here.