Giving Thanks

  • Blanchet House

    It’s pretty simple really. Since 1952, the Blanchett House of Hospitality’s mission has been “to feed, clothe and offer shelter to those in need.” The place is powered by volunteers, provides respite for men in recovery, and offers three squares a day, six days a week with a menu made up of mainly donated foodstuffs—that’s well beyond 300,000 hot meals annually served.

  • Union Gospel Mission

    For nearly 90 years, Union Gospel Mission has been feeding the hungry. Over 200,000 meals are served yearly, and the center also provides a dayroom with coffee and snacks, clothing, and a cold weather shelter to those living on the streets. And keep this in mind: For the cost of one latte, you could offer not one, but two someones in need a Thanksgiving feast.

  • Portland Rescue Mission

    Portland Rescue Mission has tirelessly fought to break the cycle of homelessness. There are separate centers for men, and for women and children in recovery, and there are as many as 700 meals served every single day—breakfast and dinner—with lunches served on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Lend a Hand

Today’s gonna be an even harder day for some. If you know or come across someone today without a home, direct them here, and consider making a modest donation soon.