Car Free Day

  • Holy Spokes

    After leaving bicycle repair gigs in Boston, Tim Ennis hit the ground running—err, pedaling—in Portland with the opening of Rolling Wrench, a one-man, mobile repair shop known for making house calls. Three years and a couple of employees later, Ennis has folded Rolling Wrench under the umbrella of his new brick and mortar, letting commuting locals pedal their sick bikes in for reapirs while they shop for new gear.

  • Gladys Bikes

    Bicycles have always played a large role in Leah Benson's life, and, after moving to Portland, they've come to play an even larger one. Still, she often found that shops around town, despite their owners' best intentions, didn't cater to the needs of her and her female friends. Enter Gladys Bikes, Benson's “woman-focused” cycle shop, where you can get helmets, gear and bicycle-fitting and frame-building services.

  • Splendid Cycles

    You love going for bike rides and hate the expense of gas. But what about all those errands you run everyday: lugging groceries, kids, and other items to and from home. Splendid Cycles would like you to consider investing in a cargo bike for the long haul. This SE Portland shop is solely dedicated to bicycles that are designed to make pedaling around items and people a snap.

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Green Machines

Today is Car Free Day across this spinning globe. So take the bus, the train, your feet or, when in Rome (by which we mean PDX), get on your two wheels and go!