Get Happy!

  • Yakuza Lounge

    The staff at Yakuza know how to set a mood: The lighting here is low, the dining room’s design is sensual, and the music, hip-hoppy. In other words, like a Flying Wallenda, they find the right balance between seductive and electric. Lucky for you, they also know how to set a table too. Dishes include daily changing vegetable and raw fish hand rolls, a massaged kale salad and possibly Stumptown’s tastiest cheeseburger.

  • Sapphire Hotel

    There’s plenty of sexy rooms in this city, but with its dim lights, lit candles and blood-red colors, the Sapphire Hotel’s the kind of room you believe when it tells you that it loves you. It’s the kind of place that’ll hold you and listen as you unpack your bad day at work, and the kind of place that’ll tell you everything’s gonna be okay as it fixes you a stiff drink. Pair those drinks with some creamy, delicate salmon corn cakes.

  • Swift Lounge

    Oh, Swift: With your black ceiling, red walls, unapologetically loud hip-hop, strong pours, and your occasionally rowdy SINdustry crowds, you seem so tough and divey on the outside. But, it doesn’t take much to know that on the inside you’re just a softy—what with your sweetheart deals on solidly prepared eats that would make plenty of other mid-range neighborhood joints blush. Can we get the kimchi and brown rice, please?

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Happy Houring

Looking for some kimchi? How about some salmon corn cakes? Maybe a pair of sushi hand rolls or one fine cheeseburger? Look no further. You’ve found ‘em.