Hamburger Day

  • The Triple Lindy

    Before Cap Meyers opened The Triple Lindy, he started thinking about what makes a great cheeseburger truly great. But in a town where burgers can so often rule, how do get yours to stand out? Easy. You copy a classic and make it better by doing it up in Stumptown colors. The beef: Painted Hills. The bun: a Portland French kaiser roll. Add leaf lettuce, pickles, American cheese, a tangy, housemade “secret” sauce, and voilà!

  • Brunch Box Restaurant

    Derek Coughlin says he and Ryan Incles never really planned to take their 2009 smash-hit downtown food cart brick and mortar. But when a 10-seat spot opened up a few blocks away, they decided: Why not? After all, what better way to complement their breakfast sandwiches and YouCanHasCheeseburgers than with French fries, onion rings, milkshakes and beer?

  • Serratto Restaurant and Bar

    Forget how much a cheeseburger costs for just a minute and ask yourself, “How much did my lunchtime sandwich and a bag of crisps cost me this afternoon?” Odds are good that it was at least $8. Well, for a mere eight untaxed Oregon dollars, you can buy a Serratto happy hour half-pound Painted Hills bacon cheeseburger and hand-cut pommes frites.

  • Paymaster Lounge

    Paymaster wants to do something that not a lot places do these days: Make a clean, simple, affordable, unfussy cheeseburger with quality ingredients—the kind the owners grew up eating in their native Iowa. What you get is a burger so simple—and tasty—that it's almost exotic. Ingredients include an Alessio-baked bun, a slice of Tillamook cheddar, tomato, lettuce, onions, and a salt-and-peppered Cascade Natural beef patty.

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Cheese Royales

Know someone who’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today? Treat him (or her) to a nosh at The Triple Lindy, Brunch Box, Serratto or Paymaster Lounge.