Sing Sing Sing

  • Voicebox Karaoke

    Scott Simon's Voicebox Karaoke in southeast Portland is a 4,000-square-foot spot divided into eight private karaoke suites that can accommodate parties of eight to 30. Plus, you're not limited to songs sung only in English. Voicebox plays tunes you can sing in Spanish, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Japanese. But, most impressively, you can pick your next track and control playlists via your smartphone.

  • The Alibi

    Every night, singers from all over Portland flock to Overlook to get their sing on at this dark, iconic, island-themed lounge. In addition to boasting a playlist of more than 30,000 wordless tunes, The Alibi also offers pot stickers, egg rolls, yakisoba noodles and drinks spiked with tiny umbrellas. And because the lyrics to your song are projected on a screen behind you, you can lead the room on a rousing sing-a-long. At least if you’re bringing your A-game.

  • Baby Ketten Karaoke

    John Brophy’s traveling Karaoke show has one great thing going for it that no other joints do: really hard-to-find obscure songs. Lots of them. And when there aren’t karaoke versions of those elusive songs, Brophy will build them himself, track by track. Presently, he’s got two weekly gigs at Mississippi Studios and Double Dragon. So grab a drink and show off your skills by singing some Serge Gainsbourg tunes in the original French.

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Vox Populi

Singers, get ready!—and stay ready, because this week is karaoke week. Portland’s seams are bursting with places to sing, but here’s a trio of places that do it best.