Made in PDX

  • Tanner Goods

    Already featuring a solid online presence, Tanner Goods has a brick-and-mortar location under its high quality, handcrafted belt. The W Burnside location houses an array of Tanner-built products including wallets, buckles and dog leashes. Tanner Goods also offers more whimsical items such as wristbands (which come in colors like “Havana” and “cognac”) and coaster sets, all of which have made them leather stalwarts for over four decades.

  • Minnie + George

    L.A. Caldwell considers herself a “Jane of all trades.” She’s been a private shopper, a floral arranger and, until recently, taught English abroad in Spanish-speaking countries. Then she moved to Portland and discovered that not only only could she indulge her creativity, but that the city would embrace her skills as a designer and maker of men’s and women’s leather goods. Portland is “a great, welcoming place for local artisans,” she says.

  • Langlitz Leathers

    Langlitz Leathers, established in 1947, specializes in custom made motorcycle leathers, and offers a wide variety of bags and accessories. Many of their products can be seen in their catalog and on their website, but there’s plenty of items they don't publish or post, so if you're looking for an item you can’t find, just ask, and the staff will do their best to make sure you get what you need for your next ride.

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If you’re looking for leather goods, Portland’s got you covered, from home-based upstarts to legacy shops loved by motorcycle enthusiasts across the nation.