Board vs. Bored

  • Cloud Cap Games

    Move over, video games. Cloud Cap Games is bringing people back to the board games we once knew—and fab Euro-games we've never seen before! The ones that have plastic and cardboard characters instead of digital ones. The games where you can win through patience and cleverness without doing violence to your opponent. The tiny shop is extra family friendly with a room stocked to the gills for your board-gaming pleasure.

  • Finnegan's Toys & Gifts

    After moving just a few blocks from its longtime location near Central Library, Finnegan’s lost nothing but gained plenty of natural light. The old location had its dark, cavernous charm, but when you shine a little light on a room full of toys, smiles just naturally break out. The usual assortment of snuggly stuffed toys greet you at the door, joined deeper in by games and books.

  • Coffee Kids

    When she was ready to go back to work after raising her two children to school age, Shamaine Coffee thought it made perfect sense to put her nearly two decades of retail experience to work by birthing a third baby: a one-stop retail shop for apparel, toys, gifts, books, games and science experiments for youngsters up to eight years of age. So grab your little ones, and let them choose what goes down after supper tonight.

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Game On!

Put down the tablets and smartphones and turn off the TV, because there’s an entire week made for you to go analogue with some board games. Get to know your family again!