• Tábor's Schnitzelwich

    Here's the er...skinny. Karel and Monika Vitek's Czech-style schnitzelwich is made with tenderized, breaded, pan-fried fillets (either chicken or pork), romaine lettuce, caramelized onions, a horseradish sour cream spread and ajvar, an electric red, savory relish made with garlic, eggplant and red bell peppers. Take a bite, and take one soon.

  • Shut Up and Eat's Broadstreet Bomber

    Okay, breathe deep, because this is the mettle of which SU&E's "cheesesteak" is made: one-half pound of beef, nine slices of cheddar and provolone, raw onions, and a handful of sweet or spicy chilies, all chopped and grilled together until it's one unified mass. To keep it all manageable (and edible), it's scooped into a canoe-like Pearl Bakery specialty roll. Okay. you can breathe (and eat) now.

  • DarSalam's falafel

    There’s a difference, explains DarSalam’s Ghaith Sahib, between Lebanese and Syrian falafel sandwiches and his Iraqi version. Yes, sandwiches from Lebanon and Syria often get trumped up with a variety of colorful, flavorful pickled vegetables that get stuffed inside each flatbread wrap, but a proper Iraqi sandwich uses only one pickled ingredient: mangoes, which get blended into a bright, tangy, sparkly puree.

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Pork 'n' Beans

To meat or not to meat: That is the question, right? Down with meat? Head to Tábor or Shut Up and Eat! Down with meat!? Enjoy a nice veggie falafel at DarSalam.