Made in PDX

  • Hovercraft

    If you’re an especially techie musician, you might recognize the name Nial McGaughey. For the last 15 years, he’s operated Solid Cables, known for designing and wiring the most durable and reliable electric cables in show business. But he's also the operator of Hovercraft, which is gathering steam for its process of hand-building custom-made amplifiers from repurposed parts, chief among them vacuum tubes, from his little studio.

  • RAFT Syrups

    A food scientist and a life coach, each with a private passion for devising interesting drinks at get-togethers met in Portland in 2008. At the time, Sook Goh was developing tea blends for Tazo, but after she and Roslynn Tellvik spent two hours following a failed syrup recipe with a cabin full of Thanksgiving revelers waiting, they "scrapped that cocktail and made one up instead,” and from that fix-it fast scenario, RAFT Syrpus was born.

  • Kiriko

    “We search for beautiful fabrics with a unique history, then carefully craft handmade pieces that become part of your story, to be worn, loved and shared,” says Dawn Yanagihara, the co-founder and creative director of Kiriko. Launched in December 2012, the NW Portland-based curators of textiles and makers of accessories are inspired by Japanese fabrics, reimagining kimono fabrics and presenting them in new ways.

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Hands On

Portland’s not know for its idle hands. Meet the people behind the hands that bring us such goods are bespoke amplifiers, craft cocktail syrups and reimagined Japanese apparel.