Record Store Day

  • Beacon Sound

    Beacon Sound carries used and new vinyl across all kinds of genres, particularly focusing on contemporary electronic and avant garde music. In addition to carrying such works, the store also records and vinylizes them. (It’s a record shop, a recording studio and a live performance venue, too.) What more do you want? Cassette tapes and concert posters, maybe? Well, it stocks those, too.

  • Tender Loving Empire Hawthorne

    Get ready to check out everything TLE does right: crafty gift items, homegrown record albums and all kind of art, all in one 1,200-square-feet space, which is almost twice the size of the SW Portland shop. Think sculptures on the ceiling, semi-regular acoustic sets from local musicians and an always-available listening station featuring both vinyl and digital experiences.

  • Cactus

    Adrienne Hatkin-Seely’s a jeweler. Her friend, Sonya Petroff, curates a vintage clothing business. Another friend, John Healy, is an audiophile who owned a new and used record store in California. In the summer of 2014, they decided to team up and open a retail shop that would showcase their special talents. So it you're looking for vintage threads, used records, jewelry, housewares, knicknacks and LaserDiscs, then look no further.

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It’s that time of year, boys and girls. That’s right: Record Store Day! Here’s a reminder to get out there and support your local record store all while scoring great finds. It’s a win-win.