World Whiskeys!

  • The Whiskey Room

    Looking for a place to twist that newly waxed mustache on your freshly shaved face? Well, just sally on upstairs. The Whiskey Room, the second-floor bar run by the folks who run Modern Man Barber Shop on the first floor, is a place to get a whiskey shot, a Scotch chaser and a ploughman's lunch (artisan cheeses, meats, bread and grapes). At night, games and matches are projected on the joint's big screen, too.


  • Whiskey Soda Lounge

    Ever considerec giving up on the long wait for a Pok Pok dinner? Well, owner-chef Andy Ricker wanted to fix that, and, thanks to the the Whiskey Soda Lounge, he did. Add yourself to Pok Pok's waiting list and cross the street to belly up to some whiskey and snacks while you wait for your table. Craving the restaurant's famed wings? You can sneak in and out for some, lickety-split.

  • Multnomah Whiskey Library

    The details at work in Alan Davis and Greg Goodman's West End drinking room are seemingly too numerous to count. The 55-seat, second-story, windowless room—with its wooden smell, brick walls, leather sofas, area rugs, library lamps, and 1940s jazz standards—is peerless, and there are about 1,000 Scottish, American, Canadian, Irish, Japanese and Australian whiskeys to sample, too.

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In the Jar

Ah, yes. There’s not a finer day than the day we celebrate the whiskeys of the world. Pay your respects at any of these wonderful purveyors of everyone’s favorite spirit.