Brunch Time

  • Oso Market + Bar

    The brunch menu at Colin and Holly Howard’s restaurant and market is small but deliciously inventive, so bring friends because you’re gonna want to try it all. Be sure you order the Howard’s signature dish: an open-faced French toast sandwich made with a thick slice of beer bread that’s lightly battered with vermouth and topped with a fried egg, honey butter, a seasonal berry syrup, and slices of prosciutto. Yum.

  • MÃ¥urice Luncheonette

    First things first: Måurice does not serve brunch, so you won’t find scrambles, hashes or pancakes here. That said, Kristen D. Murray’s 33-seat luncheonette does have a menu that features dishes that are brunch-ish—but only just so. Ask for the black pepper cheesecake, anchored by a hazelnut-walnut sablé, topped with caplets of kumquat marmalade, and paired with a small scoop of double milk gelato.

  • Uno Mas West

    Pretty much nothing nothing compares to Oswaldo Bibiano’s menu of tacos mañaneros, which are impossibly priced at just $2 a pop. Try the hard-boiled huevos con guacamole, the chile capeado (a split and battered jalapeño topped with spicy pork and a creamy, crumbly queso fresco), or the salpicon de hongos (a sautéed mushroom and spinach taco so charged with citrus that it practically sparkles). Weekends only.

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Tasty Pastries

Good morning last day of February, what do you have in store for us today? Breakfast tacos, meaty French toasts and the finest French eats in the cutest little place? Okay, then!