Games Day

  • Cloud Cap Games

    Move over, video games. Cloud Cap Games is bringing people back to the board games we once knew—and fab Euro-games we've never seen before! The ones that have plastic and cardboard characters instead of digital ones. You know, the games where you can win through patience and cleverness without doing violence to your opponent. The tiny shop is extra family friendly and stocked to the gills for your board-gaming pleasure.

  • Kids at Heart Toys

    Part of the Hawthorne community for more than 26 years, this store is jam-packed with things that'll capture the imagaintion of just about any kid. Parents appreciate that the toys are fair trade and made from sustainable resources. There are entire walls covered with bins full of plastic creatures, wind-up toys and board games, and plenty of cooking toys, stuffed animals, puppets for both hands and lots of children’s literature.

  • Piccolo Mondo Toys

    Piccolo Mondo, the name of this shop in the Bethany Village Centre, means "small world" in Italian. Part of the shop’s mission is to teach kids that they are a big part of our small world by highlighting monthly different countries and featuring toys from around the world. This family-owned shop encourages creative play and things that stimulate the imagination, like wooden toys, family games, puzzles, books, magic and dolls and trains.

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Remember way back when you’d gather the family around the table and play board games for hours at a time? These three spots will help you and yours relive those days.