Game Out!

  • Paymaster Lounge

    Even after going through several name changes during its first few years (and an equally long spell without even a sign to mark it), the Paymaster Lounge has quickly become a Slabtown anchor. It doesn't hurt that the joint is also home to pinball and Ms. Pac-Man machines, a covered, heated pool table patio, a vintage photo booth and once-a-month bingo nights.

  • Le Happy

    This dimly lit and lively crêperie is located in the shadow of the 405. It's been around for more than a decade and continues to draw PDXers of all stripes—high school students, sixtysomethings on a date, families with young children—all of which makes it the perfect place to share a bottle of wine while you enjoy a sweet or savory crêpe and old-school your friends and family over matches on the classic board games that once anchored every home.

  • Via Chicago

    Are you a Midwesterner maroon for the holidays in the Pacific Northwest? Wanna taste of home to see you through? Well this place is as Midwestern as it gets. As its name implies, Via Chicago’s pies are Midwestern (and deep dish), the TVs often tuned to WGN, and every other Monday, the joint’s home to euchre matches. The only thing that’s not Midwestern is the beer, because why mess with good Oregon suds?

Share the local love!

Relatives coming and looking for something to do? You’re in luck, because these three spots mix adult beverages with adult activities like euchre, pinball and monthly bingo nights.