Made in PDX

  • YoshiniG Creative

    By day, Portland-born-and-bred Yoshini Gunawardena is a graphic designer at an interactive agency creating front-end designs for websites and mobile apps, but in her free time, she’s the designer and illustrator behind YoshiniG Creative—a playful vibrantly colored, cleverly quipped line of greeting cards available online as well as in town at Ecru Modern StationerMore...

  • RAFT Syrups

    A food scientist and an art coach, each with a private passion for devising interesting drinks at get-togethers, met in Portland in 2008, tells co-founder Roslynn Tellvik. At the time, her RAFT partner, Sook Goh, was developing tea blends for Tazo, but soon they would partner up, because, as Tellvik recalls “Sook and I started thinking that it would be so much more fun to craft cocktails if there were better ingredients to work with.” More...

  • Woodblock Chocolate

    Jessica and Charley Wheelock met cute in New York City. He was a woodworker; she was a guilder. He thought she was pretty and asked her out. Soon, they were married, and decided to move to Portland and work together—so long as their next project was both creative and fun. Seduced by the food scene, they settled producing univresally loved chocolates. More...

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Cards 'n' Candy

If you’re looking for cute greeting cards, craft syrups for more superior cocktails, or just some fine ethically sourced chocolates, look no further than your own backyard.